Ubisoft celebrates Rainbow Six Siege’s 60 million player-base with a ‘Thank You’ video

60 Million players and counting!

Back in May, Ubisoft reported that Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 60 million registered players across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, according to their FY20 earnings. This is again a new milestone for this popular multiplayer shooter, which has been growing for over half a decade.

Today in the Ubisoft Forward event, Rainbow Six Siege celebrated their 5-year continued success with the community. Siege Devs stated that this is “just the start”, as they will continue to deliver and keep their promise of supporting the game for 10 years.

“Without you, we wouldn’t be us. Together, we grow stronger. This is for the community: thank you.”

Ubisoft has no plans for a sequel and wants to add 100 operators to this game over the ten years. Their new roadmap shows that they will be adding only one operator to the game from the next season. However, there will also be new tweaks and reworks added to the Core gameplay. Currently, in Operation Steel Wave, Siege has a total of 56 operators in the line-up, so the devs still have a long way to go.

rainbow six siege year 5 roadmap
Image: Ubisoft

With the addition of Arcade playlists and Battle Passes, Ubisoft wants to expand this game further, as it is one of their top-earning titles. The pandemic also has boosted the player-base back in March, when the player count almost touched 200,000 in Steam, according to SteamDB.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave is now live with the new “Attrition” arcade event. The limited-time event ends today, so try it out yourself before its gone.

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