Ubisoft announces new ‘Rainbow Six Collegiate Program’ for NA college students

Ubisoft has partnered up again with FACEIT, the world’s leading competitive gaming platform, to create a new platform called Rainbow Six Collegiate Program. This new program will enable Siege players of all skill levels to get involved in the Rainbow Six Esports scene and earn various prizes over the course of the year.

“The Rainbow Six Collegiate Program is a unique opportunity for students to create their own communities at their respective academic institution. Each club has a chance at earning awesome prizes from Rainbow Six and Ubisoft as well as $30,000 USD in prize money,” stated Ubisoft in their blog.

But each Collegiate Club will start with a Club leader, who will be one to manage both the Championship and Recreational League Teams within their respective school. And then students from that college can join these clubs and compete in online events. However, only registered students in US or Canada can participate in this new program.


Once a player joins an established Championship or Recreational team and have registered, it’s time to Siege! All matches will be played on the FACEIT platform, where players can easily find other participating Collegiate teams across the US and Canada to find the best practices, schedule matches, and see where their team ranks in the current Collegiate Standings.


Rainbow Six Esports Collegiate program
Image: Ubisoft

Each school will be eligible to have have one Championship League team which will be at the forefront of their respective academic institution.

Stage 1 Pre-Season kicks off in October and will be four weeks long. Each Championship League team will be placed into one of four regional conferences based on state/province and play their matches in a round robin style. Stage 2 Pre-Season will then be two weeks in length, where teams will play in a single-elimination style tournament where the top teams will be pronounced their respective conference champions.

The Full Season kicks off in early January. Stage 1 Regular Season will be played over six weeks in a Swiss-style format. Teams will also be divided into regional conferences based on state/province. Stage 2 – Conference Finals will be played in a single-elimination style over two weeks. The top teams from each regional conference will be declared the conference champions. From here, we will enter Stage 3 – The Collegiate Championship, which will be played online over one weekend in a GSL style format for a $30,000 USD Prize Pool.



1st: Ubisoft/CORSAIR Merch Pack + 36,000 R6 Credits

2nd: Ubisoft/CORSAIR Merch Pack + 18,000 R6 Credits

3rd Ubisoft/CORSAIR Merch Pack + 12,000 R6 Credits


1st: $10,000 USD + Ubisoft/CORSAIR Merch Pack

2nd: $5,000 USD + Ubisoft/CORSAIR Merch Pack

3rd/4th: $2,500 USD + Ubisoft/CORSAIR Merch Pack

5th-8th: $1,250 USD

9th– 6th: $625 USD

For more information about the Championship and Recreational League, visit here.

In the past, many college students already used to create and host Rainbow Six Siege online events by themselves. But now with the help of FACEIT and Ubisoft, this scene will grow bigger than ever. These grassroots initiatives will help Rainbow Six Esports to engage with a bigger audience and grow further in the future.

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