Twitch’s new Hateful Conduct and Harassment policies prohibit the “Confederate” flag and Lewd Comments

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Twitch recently announced new hateful conduct and harassment policies that aim to combat hateful conduct and harassment.

Twitch is the largest video live streaming service in the world operated by Twitch Interactive which is a subsidiary of Amazon. The site’s primary focus is on video game streaming with a couple of other categories also available. As of February 2020 Twitch has over 3 million broadcasters monthly and 15 million daily users.

With so many people visiting Twitch each day it is common for some toxic people to be mixed in with the bunch. Streamers and viewers are almost every day facing harassment and hateful comments. There is also an abundance of people who like to incite hate and or intentionally upset people on the internet by posting controversial or inflammatory comments.

Twitch has recently announced its new hateful conduct and harassment policies that are aimed at combating the hate and harassment on the platform.

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Twitch’s new hateful conduct and harassment policies:

Esports consultant and industry inside slasher recently shared the new policies that Twitch hopes to introduce. In the Tweet slasher said,

“Twitch has announced new hateful conduct and harassment policies. changes include:
-lewd or explicit comments about anyone’s sexuality or physical appearance is prohibited. there is no exception for public figures
-the confederate flag is now prohibited” There is a chance to get permanently banned on the streaming platform if anybody violated these rules.

Claiming victims of a well-documented tragedy is an actor or lying and encouraging others to DDoS, hack, doxx or swat another person is also included in these policies. Inciting malicious raids of someone else’s social media off Twitch will also be included in these policies.

Emotes are an important feature in Twitch. But Twitch thinks they can be used maliciously so combining of emotes will be held to this policy. The use of the Confederate flag has been prohibited as it is associated with slavery and white supremacist groups according to Twitch.

If you ever went into a female streamer’s chat then you might have noticed the abundance of lewd comments and sexual messages. From now on these types of comments might be bannable.

Previously we saw streamers getting trolled and banned for opening links to nude images and porn sites sent by viewers. In these cases, only the streamer got banned while the viewer responsible for the incident escaped without facing any consequences. Sending unwanted links to nude images and videos will also be included in this policy and will be susceptible to bans.

These policies will be in full effect from Jan 22. We will have to keep a close eye on the streaming platform Twitch to know if these policies can combat harassment and hate on such a massive site.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.