Twitch’s “Let’s Chat” with djWHEAT cancelled amidst viewer complaints

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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After airing just one episode, Twitch has decided to cancel “Let’s Chat” with djWHEAT after receiving backlash from viewers.

The concept of “Let’s Chat” was introduced by Twitch as an initiative to connect viewers around the world directly with the executives of the company by creating a platform for open discussions. The purpose was to take community feedback and concerns into account in order to improve the platform’s performance.

The first episode was aired on April 28 at 1 pm PT. and viewers were able to ask questions and address their various concerns to Twitch’s Director of Creator Development, Marcus Graham -djWHEAT. However, to their dismay, it seems that djWHEAT had disappointed most fans with his evasive nature and refusing to answer questions.

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Failure to respond to hot tub streams

In the first episode of Let’s Chat, djWHEAT was seen discussing various topics. The highlight of the discussion, however, was the steep rise in hot tub streams. The fast-growing yet controversial trend had been previously criticized by popular streamers like xQc and Ninja. Therefore, the community expected a positive response from djWHEAT when the viewers asked to ban the creators behind the latest hot tub meta.

However, much to the viewers’ disappointment, djWHEAT spoke in support of the hot tub meta, saying that the streamers’ bathing suits do not go against community guidelines and are in compliance with Twitch’s Nudity and Attire policy. Therefore, there is no reason to take any action against them.

To make things worse, he had simply advised the viewers to click the “I’m not interested” button if they didn’t wish to see any more hot tub streams. This caused huge backlash within the community, with some viewers even calling djWHEAT’s attitude pathetic and ignorant. Furthermore, there were various questions from viewers that he did not even answer.

As a result of this, the community took their frustration to social media. The viewers felt that djWHEAT is not the right person to represent Twitch, and the show is more likely to serve its purpose if it was hosted by someone who actually cares and listens to the community’s concern.

From the looks of it, Twitch is most likely to listen to its community this time and not cancel “Let’s Chat” entirely. Since they have responded to the backlash and ended with a positive note of looking forward to future episodes, they will most likely replace djWHEAT with a more capable and responsible host.

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