Twitch Streamers are still getting DMCA Strike even after Deleting All of their Videos

Some Twitch streamers are still getting DMCA strikes on their channel even after deleting all of their previous videos. The reason might be because Twitch servers are still storing copies of the clips even after deleting them.

Twitch is having a lot of trouble with the music industry recently. Almost all the Twitch streamers are getting DMCA takedown warnings on their videos dating back to their early years. Twitch is issuing warnings to streamers regarding these copyright claims and straight-up deleting the videos. They are not even given the chance to archive these contents.

Some streamers such as Pokimane and XQC are deleting all of their previous content to prevent these DMCA claims. But are they safe even after deleting all of the videos that have copyright music in them?

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It appears that is not the case as a streamer called Syndicate claims that his content containing copyright material that he deleted 6 months ago still got a claim.

It appears that streamers are still getting copyright claims on their deleted videos. The reason is that Twitch servers are still keeping copies even after the videos are deleted. DevinNash on Twitter said, “Streamers are STILL being DMCA’d for clips/VODs they deleted. Why? They’re still on Twitch’s server even if you deleted them.”

He showed proof that his deleted content from 2016 is still stored in Twitch servers even after deleting them.

Another user on Twitter claims that only the streamer id is necessary to find a streamers deleted content.

The whole thing is such a mess that nobody knows how to properly handle the situation. Streamers are deleting all of their previous content and Twitch is banning people left and right in light of the DMCA claims. Streamers think Twitch could be handling the situation better in many ways.

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