Twitch streamers are in disarray as their old clips are getting DMCA takedown notice for using copyright music

Is this the end of streaming background music on Twitch?

Streaming a game while running a piece of background music is a pretty common practice on Twitch.

Although this week according to twitch, there has been a sudden influx of DMCA takedown requests for clips with copyrighted music in the background. So from now on due to these claims, there is a good possibility that you will not be able to stream music in the background while streaming your favorite games.

Big-name streamers who already have a huge archive of clips are suddenly getting a huge amount of DMCA takedown notice on their channels. As a result, they are suddenly feeling quite the pinch. Most streamers have a vast library of clips that have background copyrighted music on them. Consequently, their clips are also getting a lot of attention from the music publishers.

Twitch streaming background music
Image Via Twitch

What was a common practice yesterday became a hindrance as of today. Maybe in a few months, streamers will look back at the good old days where they could share the music of their favorite artists live on twitch. Some streamers shared their dissatisfaction with all these recent takedown claims.

Days of sharing your favorite small time artists are over

The background music of big streamers helps small-time artists to get more exposure. And in return streamers used to have no hurdle while listening to their favorite artists live on twitch. Seems like this will be all in the past, as most of the clips on twitch are getting DMCA takedown notice all at once.

Twitch support has had their hands full with all of these sudden notices. They are promising creators with a large archive that they might soon implement an automated tool that should vastly make it easier for them to remove clips with any copyrighted music running in the background.

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