Twitch Streamer xQc Turned Down a 1.2 Million NFT Sponsor Offer

Popular Twitch streamer xQc recently turned down a huge offer of 1.2 Million from an NFT sponsor.

For the past few months, the internet has been going crazy over NFT. Famous internet personalities and even mainstream celebrities also buying and selling NFT’s for insane amounts. For those of you unaware, NFT’s full form is Non-fungible Token. It is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain. Owners of NFT can sell and trade as they are usually photos, videos, and audio. Each token is unique and thus proves the ownership of an NFT.

Popular Twitch streamer xQc recently had a run-in with an NFT sponsor. Félix Lengyel, more commonly known online as xQc or xQcOW, is a famous Canadian Twitch Streamer and internet personality. He is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world and has more than 9,070,177 followers on Twitch, and his streams average a viewer count of 28k. So, it’s no wonder NFT sponsors want to advertise their NFT’s through xQc.

During xQc’s recent stream, he talked about an NFT sponsor approaching him offering huge amounts of money for the deal.

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xQc Rejects 1.2 Million NFT Sponsor:

On February 19th, xQc was chilling in the Just Chatting section of Twitch when he revealed about the NFT sponsorship. He said,

“Today, I received an insane, an absolutely insane NFT sponsor offer, and the amounts are astronomical. It was even more fun to tell them no”.

He later revealed details about the NFT sponsorship. The sponsor wanted the following from xQc for offering 1.2 Million-

  • Overlay
  • Shoutout
  • 5 min visit
  • 3 Tweets

It’s mind-blowing how the NFT sponsor offered xQc 1.2 Million for doing the above tasks. It proves that the NFT sponsor expected to make way more money from the deal with xQc as they offered 1.2 Million for such little from him.

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