Twitch Streamer xQc banned from Largest GTA Role Playing Server NoPixel

Twitch Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has recently been permanently banned from the largest GTA V role-playing server ‘Nopixel’.

Roleplaying in GTA V has been popular on Twitch for the last couple of weeks after the diminishing interest in Rust. GTA V roleplay is a multiplayer mode that allows players to be almost fully immersed in the world. Streamers like Summit1g and xQc have been leading Twitch viewers on a journey through GTA V RP. ‘Nopixel’ being the biggest GTA V RP server is obviously the first choice.

The ‘Nopixel’ RP server was apparently perfect for all the shenanigans xQc usually pulls off during his streams. Since joining the Nopixel server xQc has been doing things like running from cops, scamming other players. The offense that got him banned from the NoPixel server was repeatedly ramming other players with his car and inviting players to VDM(Vehicle Death Match).

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xQc Banned from ‘Nopixel’:

On February 22 xQc tried to log into the Nopixel RP server but had to settle for playing Minecraft. He received the following message, “Connection rejected by server: You are banned, you may appeal it at| Reason: Talk required with staff| Unban Date: Permanent”.

After seeing the ban message pop up xQc said, “Ok, yeah they banned me really. Well, That’s f*cking. ok?”.

He later said, “Yeah, I broke the 1rules but I admitted to that. I said I wouldn’t do any more VDM and I legitimately didn’t know that it was bad or you couldn’t do it.”

Although at the time the ban seems to be permanent but xQc might be unbanned sometime in the future.

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