Twitch Streamer Wilneff Banned after Watching Samurai Jack Clip During Livestream

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: WIlneff Twitch stream

Twitch streamer Wilneff was recently banned after watching a video of Samurai Jack on YouTube during Livestream.

William Neff is an American comedian, producer, and now a Twitch streamer. He is famous for his variety streams on Twitch. Willneff’s Twitch account has more than 167,193 followers.

Recently Wilneff was banned from Twitch while Livestreaming a film class to his viewers. Soon after the Livestream Wilneff was banned from Twitch.

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Wilneff Banned:

A Twitter bot called StreamerBans published the news of Wilneff’s ban from Twitch.

Likely the ban duration is not very long as Wilneff’s Twitch account is still partnered.

Wilneff’s Ban Reason and Response:

Wilneff was recently banned from Twitch during his film class Livestream. In a Twitter response, Wilneff shared his thoughts on why he received the ban. In his Twitter response, he said, “I just got band for watching a clip of #samuraijack that’s on YouTube on my stream… k”.

Apparently, the Samurai Jack clip he watched was from the official Samurai Jack YouTube channel. Willneff said, “Legitimately a clip on their official YouTube. What the fuck is this.” He also said, “It’s a copyright claim. For a clip they put on their own YouTube. I don’t understand at all.”

So Wilneff was banned because of DMCA strike for watching Samurai Jack clips during his Livestream. Hopefully, he will be unbanned soon as his account is still partnered with Twitch.

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