Twitch Streamer ‘Rudeism’ Turns Tractor into a Controller to Play Farming Simulator 2022

A Twitch streamer called Rudeism recently turned a real-life Tractor into a controller to play Farming Simulator 2022.

Rudeism is a 29-year-old Twitch streamer famous for using obscure controllers to play games. He is also a game designer which allows him to make weird controllers and code them to work. One time Rudeism used only a single button and another time a Fall Guys shaped controller to play Fall Guys.

His recent adventures include beating Dark Souls III with only a single button and a frying pan controller, playing Rocket League with a guitar, and many others. Rudeism mainly works on these custom controllers himself and streams it on his Twitch channel Rudeism.

But one of his recent streams shocked his viewers as the title caught the attention of many. It said, “I turned a tractor into a controller!”.

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Farming Simulator 2022 with a Tractor Controller:

Rudeism worked for a few months to turn the Tractor into a usable controller. The steering wheel of the Tractor was attached with a motion sensor and that acted as the steering wheel in the game. Additionally, the throttle controls of the tractor were used as forward/backward and other farming Simulator 2022 controls.

The Tractor controller worked after some tries and Rudeism was successfully able to control the game with it. He then proceeded to harvest some crops in Farming Simulator 2022 using his real-life Tractor Controller.

Rudeism has stated that next, he has plans to use the Tractor controller to play the newly released Forza Horizon 5 which is sure to be just as interesting as his Farming Simulator 2022 stream.

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