Twitch streamer Luality beats Dark Souls 3 on a dance pad with level 1 character

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Luality, a Twitch streamer recently beats Dark Souls 3 playing on a dance pad with level 1 character.

Dark Souls games have to be one of the hardest games in the modern era of video games. Even for players who play Dark Souls with mouse and keyboard or controller have a hard time beating the game.

But, recently a Twitch streamer named Luality has beaten the Dark Souls 3 playing on a dance pad. And the most shocking part is not over yet, she completed the game with level 1 character and not upgrading the stats.

It’s nothing new for players to complete games using a dance pad but beating games like Dark Souls 3 on a dance pad has to be the first time ever.

And soon after completing the game, she was full of excitement saying, “We did it, we freaking did it, you guys.”

For anyone wondering how she got all the energy for beating a game like Dark Souls on a dance pad, she has been playing this game on dance pad for years now. And this could be the logical reason behind her immense patient and skill.

By completing the game she received a lot of praise from the Dark Souls community and only the time will tell what she will bring up in the future.

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