Twitch Streamer Kiaraakitty denies involvement in the money-making scam

Adiba Chowdhury
By Adiba Chowdhury
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The Singaporean streamer has been accused of scamming up to seven men for money.

Kiaraakitty has a strong follower base on the streaming platform Twitch, with up to 214,000 followers. However, the year has been full of controversies for the Singaporean streamer. Kiaraakitty was banned twice from the platform this year, and the year is practically not even half over yet.

The first ban came in January, reasons for which were not disclosed. It was assumed that it had something to do with the title of her stream. The ban resulted in her channel taking a revenue hit. Her second ban came in just two months later in March, due to a wardrobe malfunction during the stream.

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Now, a mysterious phone call recording was leaked online that served as “proof” of Kiaraakitty admitting to scamming up to seven men, one of whom was disabled. The video titled “Kiaraakitty exposed” was uploaded on YouTube for the world to see. In that video, the woman (who the uploader claims to be Kiaraakitty) had said:

“I know guys when they’re lonely, and when they don’t have a good family situation, they are very vulnerable, so I just know what kind of people to target. I’ll ask them how’s life and let them open up, and when they open up, that’s when I know that I can take something from them.”

You can watch the video here:

Moreover, the woman claimed to have convinced a man to send her over $30,000 of his life savings by faking a serious illness like kidney growth. The video soon spread like wildfire and has garnered over 93,000 views at the time of writing. Furthermore, The story was also picked up by popular Instagram accounts such as Our Fallen Warriors.

Kiaraakitty Denies Accusations

Kiaraakitty has responded to the claims made against her on her Instagram story, denying involvement in the money-making scam.

In her statement, she wrote:

“Hi everyone, I heard some rumors about me, just to let you all know is false and staged. Is so ridiculous that I made a police report and currently waiting for the police before I can let you all know what happens. Thank you so much for all your support and love to me.”

However, no information was given regarding how the Police will deal with the situation. We can only wait to see how this drama unfolds from here on out.

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