Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx Banned for the 6th Time in 2021

Indiefoxx has been banned from Twitch once again.

Jenelle Dagres or more commonly known online as Indiefoxx is an American streamer, Singer, Model. She is mostly known for her controversial hot tub and ear-licking streams on Twitch. Indiefoxx is one of the Twitch streamers who took full advantage of the Twitch hot tub meta to massively increase her follower count. Currently, Indiefoxx has more than 2 million followers on Twitch.

She used to stream wearing bathing suits in hot tubs and write the name of Twitch subs and donators on her body. But now she has transferred to doing ear licking ASMR streams wearing yoga pants and tight leggings.

Indiefoxx was last banned about a week ago along with another popular ASMR streamer Amouranth. At that time she called the ban a vacation from Twitch and even invited Amouranth to the spa for a relaxing weekend.

But seems like she just can’t stop getting banned as recently Indiefoxx was banned for the 6th time by Twitch.

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Indiefoxx Banned for the 6th Time:

Just a few hours ago Indiefoxx was banned from Twitch for the 6th time this year. A Twitter bot called Streamerbans published the news of the ban. We do not know the reason for the ban as Twitch often doesn’t reveal the reason when a streamer gets banned.

This is Indiefoxx’s 6th ban from the largest streaming platform. The first time she got banned was back on Jan 29th, 2021. Her 2nd ban was on Feb 1st, 2021 and her 3rd ban was on Feb 23rd, 2021. On Apr 7th, 2021 she was banned for the 4th time. Her 5th ban was just about a week ago on Jun 19th, 2021 and her recent 6th ban happened on Jun 29th, 2021. All of these bans were lifted after about 3 days.

As of writing this article, Indiefoxx’s Twitch account is still partnered. So the ban might be not more than three days this time as well.

Indiefoxx Twitch partner status
Indiefoxx Twitch partner status Credit: Twitter

Naturally, some people have questioned Twitch’s judgment to ban her almost 6 times in a single year but not increasing her punishment or permanently banning her from the platform.

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