Twitch Streamer GameChamp3k Beat Pokemon Blue Without Taking a Single Point of Damage

On November 29th, 2019, Twitch streamer GameChamp3k beat Pokemon Blue with a game-time of 222:18. During his gameplay, he did not take any hit, never got poisoned, never got confused!

Check videos from GameChamp3k Twitch Channel:

It was a lot of grinding with Metapod, hours of back-and-forth biking with pokemon in the daycare and trying to avoid the 1-256 glitch ( Means Moving with 100% accuracy could glitch and miss).

Every Pokemon fan knows avoiding damage in the first battle is hard. But GameChamp3k chose Charmander who knows Scratch, which have 100 accuracies. And Squirtle only knows Tail Whip and Tackle; Tail Whip lowers Defense, which is a completely useless stat, and Tackle doesn’t have 100 accuracy.

Since the first battle is so early in the game, there’s very little time lost on a full reset, so brute force was enough. It only took ~25 resets on average to get the run past the first rival, which took around 6~8 wasted turns for GameChamp3k.



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