Twitch Streamer AmericanDad finds a new innovative way to deal with spammers in chat

Twitch Streamer AmericanDad recently used an innovative punishment for spammers in his chat.

AmericanDad is a streamer based in America. He first started streaming back in 2017. He is famous for using weird ways to deal with viewers who cause trouble.

Just a few days ago he had two people starting an argument in his Twitch chat. He used a way to solve the argument I think no other streamer would think about. Streamers usually ban people who cause trouble an move on. But Twitch streamer AmericanDad who is an ex-Army veteran brought the two people arguing in his chat into the same Discord voice call to sort out the problem.

The two guys at first were still arguing in voice chat but later sorted out their problem.

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An innovative way to punish spammer

Now comes the story of his recent story where he made a chat spammer repent for his actions in order to unban him.

A viewer in his stream asked AmericanDad if he could undo a permaban. That’s when AmericanDad shared the interesting story of how he unbanned a spammer.

The offender was previously banned from his stream a while back. During one of AmericanDad’s Livestream, the viewer was constantly spamming the chat asking AmericanDad to p**p in his mouth. AmericanDad told the spammer to stop spamming but he kept doing it so ultimately got banned.

After many days the viewer came back using an alt account and asked AmericanDad if he could be unbanned. American dad made him write on a piece of paper 25 times this line, “I will not tell AmericanDad to p**p in my mouth”.

After the viewer showed him proof that he indeed wrote the line 25 times his ban was then removed.

Although this story is hilarious it also gives us an insight into what streamers have to go through on a daily basis.

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