Twitch Streamer Makes a Fall Guys Shaped Controller

Twitch Streamer Rudeism recently made a Fall Guys shaped controller on his Livestream and it looks just like the beans in Fall Guys.

Rudeism is a streamer with over 54k followers on Twitch. He is famous for playing games with weird self-made controllers. He is also a game developer which helps him design these controllers and code them to make them work. He has made a lot of weird controllers on his Livestream over the years.

The last time we talked about him Rudeism was playing Fall Guys with only a single button. He coded the button to respond to different commands based on how many times it was pressed. For example, if he holds the button the fall guys character moves forward. If he presses the button twice the character jumps and so on. But recently he made a controller that looks just like the Fall Guys beans.

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Fall Guys Controller

Rudeism has been working on this Fall Guys controller project for some time now. He made multiple streams showing how he actually made the controller. He used a 3D printer to make the Fall Guys Bean model and added a controller joystick and button on its side to make it work as a controller. According to Rudeism, the controller is called Fall Boy Color.

In the tweet below we can see exactly how he wired up the Fall Guys controller and where the buttons are. At this stage, the Fall Guys controller also had hands and legs.

Below we can see a closeup view of the controller and it’s button placements on the back. We also get to see the internal components used by Rudeism to make such a marvelous controller.

Rudeism wants to make Custom Controllers for a living

In the recent tweet made by Rudeism, he commented saying that he wished he could make custom controllers for a living. He said, “Man, imagine doing this for a living, like doing commissions for people that want them lol That’d be pretty neat”.

Rudeism wants to make custom controller for a living
Credit: Rudeism twitter

The Chief Operating Officer of Abegamers Steven Spohn said that he would like to raise money and hire Rudeism to make custom controllers for disabled gamers. So it seems like Rudeism’s dream of making custom controllers for a living might become a reality.

All we have to do is wait for Rudeism to finish his Fall Guys Controller and show us some gameplay using the controller.

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