Twitch Partner and Yogscast member Pedguin banned for the first time over vulgar emotes

Despite being a Twitch streamer for ten years and a partner for seven years, this is the first time Pedguin has been banned from the platform.

As Twitch calls it, Emotes are the heart of the platform’s culture. While Twitch’s global emotes are available to everyone, Twitch gives its partners and affiliates the option to create their own unique custom emotes. They are commonly used by partners and affiliates to strengthen their brand and connect with their audience.

However, there is a limit to the creative freedom one can exercise with their custom emotes. Twitch has a section dedicated to the guidelines one must follow when creating their own custom emotes. For instance, the emotes must be free from vulgarity, nudity, obscenity, and any form of sexual content.

It seems that Twitch partner and Yogscast member Pedguin has been banned from the platform for violating those guidelines with his new line of Winnie The Pooh emotes. However, Pedguin has assured fans that the ban is not permanent.

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In response to his ban, Pedguin commented:

“It’s upsetting though as I don’t think I abused the system. They never told me what was specifically wrong with my emotes, I tried changing the suffixes and the emotes to appease Twitch without guidance, but alas, a ban.”

The emotes depict Winnie The Pooh in suggestive expressions and poses, violating Twitch’s Emote Guideline under Sexual Content, which contains “depictions of sexual acts (sex, masturbation), arousal, gestures, aids, and attire.”

However, this is not the first time Twitch has removed Pedguin’s emotes. Back in May, Twitch removed one of Pedguin’s emotes called pedTub, which depicted Winnie The Pooh wearing a Bikini in an inflatable tub – likely representing the hot tub meta. We can only assume that he was let off the hook this time with a temporary ban due to his clean ban record.

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