Twitch is Apparently Shadow Banning People from chat for using VPN

Recently many people have come forward to state that Twitch is shadow banning people from chat who are using VPN software.

Twitch is the biggest streaming platform in the world right now and their recent actions have many fans voicing their concern. Twitch has recently doubled down on ad-block users by introducing new ways to bombard viewers with ads. They also made a PSA that warns viewers using Adblock that a 3rd party app or script is running on their browser and this might affect the viewing experience on Twitch.

Another app that people frequently use on the internet is VPN. People use VPN on the internet to protect their privacy which seems like the smart thing to do. But it looks like Twitch is taking action against VPN users by shadow banning people who use them from the chat.

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Shadow banning VPN users:

Many users have complained on different social media sites that those who are using VPN cannot send messages in Twitch chat. A Twitter user called notdan recently posted the following tweet where he explained that most VPN providers were shadowbanned from chat which results in people using them also being unable to send messages. The Tweet says,

“Oh fun, @Twitch has banned almost ALL VPN providers from chat via shadowban during the past week or two. Almost ALL of @mullvadnet‘s nodes are basically banned right now. @TwitchSupport: This is unacceptable. You should at least be telling people their chats won’t show up.”

There was also a thread on Reddit where many people claimed that using a VPN made their messages not show up in Twitch chat.

According to one of the comments, “Twitch claims it’s as a result of their auto abuse detection”. Most people have claimed that using NordVPN and MullVadnetVPN automatically shadow bans people from all chat.

Twitch shadowbanning people for using VPN is just people’s speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt. We have no official response from Twitch yet so nothing can be said for certain. But if Twitch is shadow banning VPN users, that could make streamers lose popular sponsorship deals like NordVPN. Which can affect the streamers on Twitch in a negative way. It also could expose information of people on the internet who use VPN for added security.

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