Twitch Introduces New “Hot Tubs and Beaches” Category

Twitch recently announced the addition of a “Hot Tubs and Beaches” category for Hot Tub streams.

The discussions about the Twitch Hot Tub meta have been going around for a few weeks now. According to the Twitch TOS, skimpy outfits, bikinis, and swimwear are not allowed except in the appropriate setting.

Some Twitch streamers used this loophole in Twitch’s TOS and started streaming in inflatable hot tubs wearing skimpy outfits. This technically doesn’t go against the TOS as they are in the appropriate setting to wear these outfits.

Soon many streamers started following the trend which gave birth to the infamous Twitch Hot Tub meta. Streamers who started streaming in hot tubs saw double or sometimes quintuple viewership and follower increase.

Many other streamers spoke out saying that Twitch is mainly a game streaming platform and these types of sexually suggestive content should be taken elsewhere.

Seem like Twitch has decided to be the middle man and make both parties somewhat happy with the announcement of a new category called “Hot Tubs and Beaches”. Recently Twitch published a detailed blog addressing the Hot Tub meta publicly.

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Twitch Blog Post Summary:

In the blog post, Twitch tried to explain their approach and steps going forward. First of all, Twitch made their position clear about harassment of Hot Tub Streamers. They said,

“first and foremost, no one deserves to be harassed for the content they choose to stream, how they look, or who they are, and we will take action against anyone who perpetuates this kind of toxicity on our service.”

Being Sexy is not a Crime:

Then they explained the rules against sexually suggestive content and that they can’t do anything if someone on Twitch is found attractive by others.

Being found to be sexy by others is not against our rules, and Twitch will not take enforcement action against women, or anyone on our service, for their perceived attractiveness.”

How Twitch’s Policies apply:

According to the Nudity & Attire and Sexually Suggestive Content policies on Twitch, wearing bikinis and streaming in Hot Tubs are not against the rules. The vague writing in the TOS is the main reason for this.

“streamers may appear in swimwear in contextually appropriate situations (at the beach, in a hot tub, for example), and we allow creative expression like body writing and body painting, provided the streamer has appropriate coverage as outlined by our attire policy.”

Twitch themselves also acknowledged the fact that their rules are vague, “we acknowledge that our rules are not as clear as they could be.” They also have plans to rewrite their policies in the coming months, “our team is planning to update our policies on sexually suggestive content in the coming months.”

The blog post also talked about the recent removal of ads from some Hot Tub stream channels. They said, ” brands get to decide where and when their ads appear”. Additionally, they mentioned that it was a mistake to not notify streamers before suspending ads on some channels.

“We recently suspended advertising on some channels that were flagged by the majority of our advertiser base and failed to notify them. Our creators rely on us, and we should have alerted affected streamers to this change before it happened–it was a mistake not to do so.”

New Hot Tubs and Beaches Category:

Twitch added a new category because of the lack of specificity in “Just Chatting”.

“If you have chosen swimwear that is allowed under the “Swim and Beaches” contextual exception to our standard Nudity and Attire policy, you should stream into the Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches category.”

This is apparently not Twitch’s long term plan as they plan to take more steps going forward.

“Creators can continue to stream content that falls into this category as long as it doesn’t violate our guidelines. Viewers can better avoid recommendations for content that they don’t want to see, and those wishing to view this content will have an easier time finding it.”

Twitch will provide more updates on this matter as soon as they are able.

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