Twitch Has Reinstated the Permanent Suspension on Dellor’s account

Twitch recently reinstated the permanent suspension on Dellor’s account. He was banned for causing self-harm back in 2019.

Matthew R. Vaughn or more commonly known online as Dellor or Dellorlol is an American YouTuber/Streamer. He is famous for raging while playing the popular battle royale Fortnite. He seemingly rages very easily while playing online games and is often seen smashing his keyboard, headset, mouse, and other accessories in a very angry manner.

Dellor had many occurrences on the streaming platform Twitch where he was banned on multiple occasions. He also lost his Twitch partnership on April 30, 2019, over a game of Apex Legends where he told a female teammate to “Go cook a sandwich”. He later apologized to the female teammate and Twitch. Dellor lost a lot of subscribers after this incident and was banned for 30 days.

Dellor was indefinitely banned on Twitch for self-harm. There was an instance where he was seen smashing his keyboard against his head while raging. This occurred on October 1, 2019. He apologized on Twitter on multiple occasions and wrote apology letters to Twitch but his ban was not lifted.

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Dellor’s Twitch account apparently got reinstated

According to an esports insider named slasher Twitch has rescinded Dellor’s permanent suspension. In the tweet slasher said, “Twitch has rescinded dellor’s permanent suspension, dellor’s Twitch account has been reinstated”

After the ban was lifted Dellor took to Twitter to thank Twitch for lifting the permanent suspension. He said,

“I can’t think straight right now.. i had given up all hope. after everything i have said about them, twitch actually unbanned me. i have been through so much and have tried so hard to improve myself and my stream and i didn’t think they saw or cared. thank you @Twitch

Dellor also Tweeted saying that he could not believe it and also shared a screenshot of his now reinstated Twitch account.

Dellor had been streaming on YouTube since his account suspension on Twitch back in 2019. But he might start streaming on Twitch once again since his account suspension was lifted.

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