Twitch has lifted demonetization on Amouranth’s channel

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Twitch had previously suspended ads on Streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa or ‘Amouranth’s channel without warning. Despite getting ads back, her income has been substantially lowered.

On May 18th, Twitch had reportedly demonetized ad revenues on Amouranth’s channel without prior warning. It is assumed that the suspension had been placed due to the nature of the streamer’s content. Amouranth, like many others, is also part of the ongoing “hot-tub meta”. Most of her recent streams featured her in an inflatable tub.

The streamer was earning as much as $40,000 USD per month from her streams before Twitch decided to demonetize her content. However, Twitch decided to resume the ad revenues of her channel after five days of suspension.

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However, it seems that not all is back to normal. As with everything, Twitch’s decision to revert the demonetization of Amouranth’s channel comes with a catch. According to Amouranth, her daily revenue has taken a major hit even after getting ad revenue back on her channel. She said:

“For comparison, before the demonetization, I was getting $1000 a day in advertisements. Yesterday, I  streamed for like 15 hours, had a 15,000 viewer average, and had $130 in ad revenue.”

A loss of almost half a million dollars in annual revenue

So, what does this drop in numbers mean for Amouranth? Well, if Amouranth’s estimations are taken into consideration, she was previously earning $480,000 a year. And now, if she continues to stream every day, her annual income would stand at $47,450, making a loss of $432,550, which is a little shy of half a million dollars.

However, her channel is still open for other forms of income than just ad revenues. For example, her account is still partnered, and she can still earn money from sponsored streams, donations, paid subscriptions, bits, etc.

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