Twitch Channel “stopsigncam” that Only Streams A Stop Sign got Banned

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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A Twitch channel that only streams a certain Stop Sign recently got banned.

Stop Signs are placed in intersections with heavy traffic. It serves to inform drivers that they must come to a complete stop to check if the intersection is clear. Such a stop sign is placed in Boston Massachusetts in the United States.

Back in February of 2021, a Twitch channel called “stopsigncam” started streaming the Boston Stop Sign Intersection. It’s believed that the Livestream was first started to show how most of the drivers don’t stop even when there is a stop sign. The channel claimed that “98.73% of vehicles don’t stop” at the Stop Sign.

Since then the channel has amassed more than 233,845 followers with a peak viewer count of more than 4000. The main attraction of watching this Livestream is how many drivers dont stop at this sign. Additionally many followers of this channel are often seen going to this place and doing random things. At one time two people were seen doing light saber fight and another person even did a backflip. Below is a video showing some of the funny moments from stopsigncam channel.

YouTube video

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StopsignCam Twitch Channel Banned:

Recently the stopsigncam channel was banned by Twitch. A Twitter bot that keeps track of Twitch bans recently announced the ban news.

As of writing this article we do not know why stopsigncamp channel was banned. Twitch has a policy where they don’t reveald reason for banning individual accounts. But there could be multiple reasons for stopsigncam channel getting banned.

Someone might have done something infront of the cam that is against Twitch TOS. Someone could have used their phone when driving and even this is probably enough to get a Twitch account banned.

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