Twitch Bans Streamer JustaMinx for Saying the word “simp” live on Stream

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Twitch Streamer JustaMinx Credit: Twitter JustaMinx

Twitch recently banned streamer JustaMinx because she said the word “simp” during one of her Livestreams.

Twitch recently updated its terms of service policy to combat the overwhelming amount of harassment and sexual comments some of the streamers on Twitch face regularly. The new terms of service policy prohibit the use of the confederate flag along with any type of unwanted sexual comments about a streamer’s appearance. People on Twitch will also not be able to use words like ‘simp’, ‘incel’, and ‘virgin’ in a derogatory manner. This also includes the use of emotes relating to these words.

This new hateful conduct and harassment policy is supposed to go live on January 22nd, 2021. But a streamer by the name JustaMinx has apparently been banned recently for saying the word “simp” during her recent Livestream.

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JustaMinx Banned:

A Twitter bot called StreamerBans recently published the news of JustaMinx’s ban. JustaMinx got banned from Twitch on December 18, 2020, at around 11:41 AM(PT).

Reason for Ban:

JustaMinx shared the reason for the ban on her Twitter page. She received an email saying that she was banned from Twitch for using hateful slurs or symbols. Apparently, JustaMinx said words like ‘virgin’, ‘incel’, and ‘simp’ during her stream yesterday. According to Minx, the ban will be lifted in 7 days.

Minx said, “My email said I was banned for hateful slurs or symbols. I don’t understand it but see you in 7 days :(“.

She also said,

“I wanna clarify I did say virgin incel and simp yesterday but I thought the new TOS wasn’t in place till January”

Words like ‘virgin’, ‘incel’, and ‘simp’ are listed as bannable in the new Twitch policy that was supposed to go live on 22nd January 2021. Apparently, Minx also thought that was the case. But seems like Twitch has already started to implement the new hateful conduct and harassment policies.

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