Twitch Bans Former Faze Clan Member ‘Rain’ Without Giving Any Explanation

Former Faze clan member Rain has been banned from Twitch recently.

Nordan Shat or more popularly known online as Faze Rain is a Canadian YouTuber and content creator. Faze Rain is mostly popular due to his vlogging and Call of Duty videos. He currently has 5.5 million YouTube subscribers and around 3.3 million followers on Twitch.

Rain was kicked out of the Faze clan house back in June 2020 for drug abuse. Faze later accused the organization of unfair treatment but Faze Banks, Co-owner of Faze clan said otherwise. The original Tweet made by Rain was later deleted.

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But that’s all in the past now as Rain is on his way to recovery and is sober for almost 6 months now. Rain now frequently updates his fans and followers about his recovery to a healthy life.

Recently news started circulating that Rain has been banned from Twitch but there is no info on why he was banned.

Faze Rain Banned:

Faze Rain was banned recently from the largest streaming platform Twitch. But seems like the account is still a partner so the ban is not permanent. Nobody really has any idea as to why Rain was banned from Twitch. His fans are at a loss trying to figure out the reason. Rain also hasn’t made any public announcement regarding his Twitch ban.

This is Rain’s first ever ban on Twitch according to the streamerbans website.

Rain ban history
Rain ban history Credit:

We will update everyone once more info is made public regarding the ban on Rain’s Twitch account.

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