Twitch Bans Faze Adapt once again, This time he was trying to drop a Nuke in GTA V RP

Twitch bans Faze Adapt once again after getting unbanned a couple of days ago. He was trying to drop a Nuke in GTA V RP when the ban happened.

Faze Adapt is a content creator and the Co-owner of famous Esports organization Faze. His real name is Alexander Hamilton Prynkiewicz. He was recently banned from Twitch on Feb 16th 2021. Twitch did not provide a reason for the ban so it was all up to speculations and rumor. People claimed that Faze Adapt apparently called someone else a ‘Virgin’.

According to the recent Twitch anti harassment policy words like ‘Virgin’, ‘Simp’, ‘Incel’ are now bannable. Faze Adapt made a response Tweet following the ban saying that he was only playing GTA 5 RP when the ban hammer struck.

But that’s all in the past and Faze Adapt was unbanned after 1 day on February 17th, 2021. But just a few days after the unban on February 22nd he got banned again from Twitch.

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Faze Adapt Banned:

A twitch bot called StreamerBans that keeps track of Twitch bans recently published the news of Adapts recent ban.

This is Faze Adapt’s 3rd ban on the biggest streaming platform in the world. As mentioned before his previous ban was just a few days ago on February 16th, 2021.

Faze Adapt ban history
Faze Adapt ban history Credit:

Possible Reason for Faze Adapt’s ban:

Twitch did not reveal the reason Faze Adapt was banned this time also, leading to more confusion and drama. Many people are claiming that Faze Adapt’s ban came after he accidentally showed a video containing the Confederate Flag on his stream. According to the new Twitch policy the Confederate Flag is now prohibited.

After the incident he apparently closed the stream for some time to delete the video and came back. After his return he was trying to drop nuke on people in GTA V RP when suddenly the ban hammer dropped.

Faze Adapt’s response:

After Faze Adapt’s previous ban he asked Twitch Support to reveal the reason for the ban so he can avoid it next time.

But seems like Twitch did not do so. Apparently Faze Adapt just can’t catch a break from Twitch bans. This time he only had this to say, “for f*cks sake”.

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