Twitch Bans Adin Ross for the 5th Time

Popular Streamer Adin Ross has been banned for the 5th time from Twitch.

Adin Ross is a popular internet personality and streamer from the USA. He gained popularity through his Twitch channel, which now has more than 5.8 million followers. Since May of 2020, he started getting viewers and followers rapidly on Twitch. Some of his most streamed games on twitch are NBA 2k20, GTA V, Fortnite, etc.

Adin Ross also has a YouTube channel called “Adin Live” with over 2.5M subscribers. He usually uploads clips from his Twitch stream on his YouTube. Twitch has a history of banning and unbanning Adin Ross multiple times in the past. He has already been banned 4 times in the years 2020 and 2021.

Recently Twitch decided to ban him for the 5th time following the use of homophobic slurs during a Livestream.

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Adin Ross is Banned for the 5th time:

StreamerBans, a Twitter bot responsible for announcing bans of Twitch streamers, recently revealed the ban news of Adin Ross. According to, this is Adin’s 5th ban.

The most probable reason for Adin Ross’s ban this time might be using the f slur during YourRAGE’s Livestream. Apparently, he was unaware that he was live and called someone else the homophobic f word.

YourRAGE commented on the Twitter post saying the offender was not Adin Ross but someone from his high school.

Adin Ross also Tweeted about his recent ban, which has now been deleted. In the Tweet, he shared the Twitch email that explained the reason for his ban. The email stated “Hateful Slurs and Symbols” as the ban reason. Adin said in the Tweet,

“I got banned on twitch, indefinitely. I am not sure what I said though? I’m not sure what I did? It occurred on stream or VOD? I don’t know man”

Adin Ross deleted tweet

Adin Ross’s suspension from Twitch this time is indefinite, meaning we don’t know exactly when he will be unbanned.

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