TSM ZexRow believes Fortnite requires “superior” aiming skills

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: TSM YouTube Channel

Professional Fortnite player Anthony ‘ZexRow’ Colandro thinks Fortnite is more challenging in terms of raw aiming expertise.

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Fortnite, Counter-Strike & VALORANT are three categorically different FPS titles with distinct characteristics. Fortnite offers a genuinely unique Battle-royale experience for players on multiple platforms. In contrast, Counter-Strike features a more competitive environment which reflects 20 years of development. Notably, both games have gigantic eSports scenes backed up by hardcore professionals & dedicated fanbases. Meanwhile, VALORANT is Riot’s latest offering for FPS enthusiasts; the game has yet to unleash its full potential.

However, TSM ZexRow has made a statement that sparked an interesting argument in the eSports communities of Counter-Strike, VALORANT & of course, Fortnite. On Twitter, ZexRow seemingly declared that Fortnite requires better-aiming skills than Counter-Strike & VALORANT. Unsurprisingly, professional players from both of these communities instantly jumped into the argument.

Anthony’s Tweet surely gained a huge amount of attention from the Counter-Strike & VALORANT communities. The Tweet fell right into the crosshair of multiple veteran players on the platform. Casual players were also quick to disagree with the statement.

North American CSGO player “Ethan” from Evil Geniuses also challenged ZexRow’s opinion. He simply retweeted Anthony’s post to insert his viewpoint. Ethan being straightforward to the topic, said, “Proves if you say something stupid enough, you’ll get a bunch of Twitter interactions.” Retired CSGO veteran nitr0 also interacted with ZexRow’s Tweet with a sarcastic GIF. Professional players like NRG Shanks & 100T dicey also reacted to the Tweet in separate ways.

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In addition to his previous Tweets, Anthony further went on to say, “I went on cs and it feels like I’m ice skating LMAO.” Nonetheless, Twitter has been the default platform for professional players to exchange trash talks.

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