TSM VALORANT reveals their 2022 VCT plans with the current roster

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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As the 2022 VCT season is in motion, TSM VALORANT is again playing the catch-up game with the rest of North America.

In an unsurprising turn of events, TSM has been unable to qualify for the group stage of the NA Stage 1 Challengers. With that letdown, TSM has also missed the opportunity to qualify for Masters 1 in April. Given that TSM catches up with the other teams, it’ll still be a long wait for the young roster. 

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TSM’s Blueprint for Success

However, TSM is not clueless about the situation as the VP of TSM, Dominic, revealed their plans for the roster. Starting with a pure reformation plan, they are willing to drop or add players if necessary. Additionally, the team might practice in a boot camp facility. He also pointed out that all future VCT events will be played directly from Austin, Texas.

In his Tweet, Dominic also wrote about the transparency he is willing to maintain throughout the VCT events. That being said, it’s clear that TSM has plans to keep in touch with the community on a regular basis. On Twitter, TSM VALORANT players are receiving toxic reactions & hate comments. Surely, keeping in touch with the community might reduce such hate for the team.

VALORANT Community Reaction

Subroza’s Tweet clearly shows how much toxicity the team has been dealing with since their defeat in the Open Qualifiers. In another Tweet, his teammate Corey mentioned the high level of contrast between the Overwatch & VALORANT communities. Similarly, the rest of the roster is finding it difficult to deal with the situation.

However, Sentinels’ Sick shared his view of the current VCT scene in North America. According to him, the brands or rosters don’t carry much weight in qualifiers & it’s actually hard to qualify. Subroza also aligned his opinion with Sick & appreciated his tweet on the issue.

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TSM’s young roster needs to deliver results to stay alive in the scene. 2022’s VCT season will be predictably more competitive than last year as more teams are entering the scene. In VALORANT, it’s possible that underrated teams can actually be better than Tier-1 Orgs. In the coming days, TSM will need re-earn their position in the NA VALORANT scene to be in the spotlight once again.

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