TSM signs Chala; Pojoman to work as a coach now

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Team SoloMid just announced the signing of former Spacestation Gaming player Chala, who will be joining in as the support player for their Rainbow 6 roster.

Braden “Chala” Davenport, former SSG player, will return to the top-scene of Rainbow 6 esports after being replaced by “Canadian” in SSG’s roster 9 months ago. In the meantime, Chala worked hard and joined the Challenger league as a member of PogChamp. He even won season 11 of CL with PogChamp, showing his skills haven’t deteriorated at all.

Heres what Braden “Chala” Davenport had to say about his signing:

“I have been following TSM since its inception and I have been a fan of their teams in multiple games across the years. It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of this organization and represent them in my favorite game. I am super excited to be back in Pro League and I am ready to prove that this roster can be the best.”Β 

Chala will be replacing Owen “Pojoman” Mitura in TSM’s current roster. While Pojoman will be moving back to fill the vacant coaching position of TSM.

It is nothing new for Pojoman as he will reclaim his original role as the team’s coach, which he initially joined TSM for before the roster getting reshuffled last year.

TSM stated that they “strongly value the culture and chemistry built by the current R6 squad, which is a culture and chemistry that Pojo is a key part of.”

Team SoloMid Rainbow Six Roster

 Matthew “Achieved” Solomon

 Jason “Beaulo” Doty

 Bryan “Merc” Wrzek

 Braden “Chala” Davenport

 Emilio “Geoometrics” Leynez Cuevas

 Owen “Pojoman” Mitura (coach)

Β Jacob “Daeda” HaleΒ (analyst)

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