TSM FTX Albralelie thinks Respawn has missed the mark with Apex season 11 ranked changes

Respawn has finally revealed the official patch notes for the highly anticipated season 11 of Apex Legends.

Aside from the usual new legend, weapon, and other balancing changes, season 11 also introduced ranked pointing system rework. In this new system, lower-ranked players will be able to earn more RP while eliminating players that are higher ranked than them.

At the same time, being placed higher is incentivized in high Elo lobbies as high-ranked players will receive less RP for eliminating opponents that are ranked lower than them. Suffices to say that this new change has been getting a mixed reception from the pro community so far. Although low-skilled casual players seem to be welcoming this ranked change with open arms.

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New ranked changes are pretty drastic

TSM FTX Albralelie who is considered to be one of the best Apex Legends competitors has stated that Respawn has missed the mark with this new change. According to Albralelie, this new ranked-related change might actually bring down the overall quality of ranked matches at different skill buckets.

Later, he goes on to clarify that he is still very excited about the new season 11 ranked. But getting placed higher should be prioritized instead of getting kills especially in ranked lobbies.

“Either way I’m really excited for the new season because of the new map/character/gun and will be grinding regardless of how the ranked changes feel. Just wish they did more with ranked as a way to bridge the gap between casual play and competitive play”, Albralelie stated.

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Seems like we have to wait till season 11 drops on November 2nd, 2021 to see for ourselves if the decisions made by Respawn were right or not.

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