TSM defeats Faze Clan in UMG Closed Qualifier: Grand Final

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

TSM is heading for the First Strike Tournament with full confidence after winning against Faze Clan in UMG Closed Qualifiers Grand Final.

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Amidst all the criticism about TSM’s appearance during the early phase of the qualifier, they successfully concluded the tournament with a remarkable victory. TSM fortified their position in the North American VALORANT scene prior to the First Strike Tournament. Extraordinary strategy and teamwork made it all possible for TSM.  

Grand Final Scoreboard 

TSM 3 : 1 FAZE Clan

HAVEN: TSM  13 – 9  FAZE Clan

BIND: TSM 13  –  9 FAZE Clan

SPLIT: TSM 6  –  13 FAZE Clan

ASCENT: TSM 13 – 3 FAZE Clan

Throughout the Grand Final, Faze Clan’s map presence couldn’t assert much-needed dominance. In contrast, TSM has been really consistent & proactive. Several desperate attempts from Faze Clan were completely pushed back by Wardell & Drone. Individual performance from TSM also saved them from losing multiple rounds, specially in Haven. Even with a slow-paced start, TSM maintained the upper hand.

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Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen’s excellent performance kept Faze Clan away from a 3-0 clean sweep by TSM. Moreover, Wardell’s mediocre performance on Split & lack of map control also resulted in a 13-6 victory for Faze Clan.  Nonetheless, TSM’s run in the UMG Closed Qualifier Has been outstanding. 

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