TSM announces the signing of MacieJay as new Rainbow Six Influencer

Team SoloMid (TSM) announces their newest member of Rainbow Six Siege family: MacieJay

TSM, a North American esports team, shared the signing of MacieJay today on Twitter with a highlight gameplay video showing off Macie’s wittiness.

TSM was delighted to announce this in their official statement: “We’re just as excited to have another fantastic influencer flying the TSM banner, and we can’t wait to work with him to create quality content for our fans”. Apart from streaming, “MacieJay is renowned for his off-meta play, often showing the worth and value of lesser-used operators“.

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29-year-old Maciej, also known as “MacieJay,” is respected in the R6 community because of his clever and witty plays, and his unique personality. He will be representing TSM’s R6 community through his stream on both Twitch and YouTube.

MacieJay also shared his thought on joining TSM: “I’m excited to have the support of TSM as I continue on as a content creator. No longer having to ride it out alone is an amazing feeling and I’m grateful to have such a big org backing me!”

It’s looking good for MacieJay as he steps into 2020, and fans will agree that he deserves all of it. Hopefully, we will still get to watch MacieJay’s 200IQ plays and hysterical clips as he continues to shine in the future as TSM’s newest Rainbow Six member.

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