TrainHard Esport joins R6 European League 2021 season, replacing Tempra Esports

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
2 Min Read
Image: Ubisoft

In a new announcement, Ubisoft has just revealed the latest team joining the Rainbow Six Siege European League: TrainHard Esport.

With Tempra Esports no longer remaining in the league, the French organization of TrainHard Esport will be replacing them ahead of the EUL 2021 season.

After dropping their players from the main Siege roster at the end of last season, Tempra Esports has failed to register an eligible roster for the 2021 season by the deadline set by Ubisoft. This eventually left Ubisoft to terminate Tempra’s license to compete in the Rainbow Six European League, effective immediately.

“With Tempra Esports no longer meeting the R6 SHARE requirements to maintain a roster, the Tempra Esports weapon skin is no longer available for purchase.”

“We want to thank Tempra Esports for their participation and contributions to the 2020 Season of the European League,” said Ubisoft.


As a result of this termination, TrainHard Esport took the two players of Chaoxys and Dirza from Tempra and gained the EUL license from Ubisoft. Joining these two will be BlaZ from the former Penta roster, NoerA and Spark to form a full French lineup.

“We are currently in discussions with TrainHard Esport regarding an opportunity to enter the R6 SHARE program in Tier 3. More information will be communicated at a later date.”

Furthermore, in the APAC region, Nora-Rengo is also set to lose their license due to Nora’s management breaching prior commitments made to Ubisoft. As a result Ubisoft currently holds their license to compete in the Asia-Pacific League and will reallocate it in the future.

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