Tracking Tyler1 in Korean Soloq: Stream, OPGG, and More

Tyler1 is on his latest challenge, and it took him all the way to Korea. Here is all you need to know about his Korean solo queue adventures.

Tyler1 is one of the biggest names when it comes to League of Legends streamers. Tyler hit Challenger playing supports about two months ago. With that, he became the first player to hit challenger on all five roles while streaming live. Riot even sent him customized emblems and medals to celebrate his achievement.

What is Tyler1 doing in Korea?

After reaching challenger playing support, Tyler1 announced he would be going to Korea to play solo queue and reach challenger playing as ‘auto-fill.’ Korean solo queue is often considered the best server with good mechanical players. This will be a great challenge and entertaining to watch how Tyler1 ranks up in such a competitive server.

Also, MSI 2022 is taking place in Korea. Many professional players will be staying in Korea and playing solo queue. So everybody will try to watch streams of Korean servers, and it will bring even greater viewership for Tyler1.

Tyler1 Stream

You can also be part of his journey and watch his live streams on Twitch. His Twitch channel is ““. Tyler has a lot of fans, and his streams easily pull 40-50K viewers regularly, and sometimes it can be a lot more.

Tyler1 Korean Account

For his challenges, Tyler always used fresh unranked accounts. This time is not different, and Tyler started with a level 30 account on the Korean Server. Interestingly, he has already reached the Master tier with just over 200 games and a 60% win rate. Therefore, only 1 tier stays between him and the Challenger tier.

You can always check on his progress using his He is queueing up every match as a ‘fill.’ So he has played every lane so far. He is playing his best champions in every role as much as possible. So let’s see which champion he played most in each role.

  • Top: Urgot, Mordekaiser
  • Jungle: Ivern, Olaf
  • Mid: Annie
  • ADC: Draven
  • SP: Karma

He also played other champions, but these are his most consistent and most picked champions in each lane.

How Long will Tyler1 Stay in Korea?

Tyler didn’t mention any fixed time limit for this challenge or how long he will be in Korea. But most probably it will be one to two months.

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