Tornado Simulator Codes (January 2023): Free Cash, Rewards, and More

Get these working codes for the Tornado Simulator for January.

It is high time you turn yourself into a tornado, Morty. Drive a twister around the metro, downtown, uptown; you name it. Go through anything that stands in your way. You have the full authority to name that under you. Collect these items as ransoms and sell them over markets. That is how a “tornado” lives day-to-day if you did not know it before.

Let me tell you; you can devour everything. From the traffic cones on the roads to make everyone aware of the drainage maintenance to giant skyscrapers. Think like, you are stepping on a new level of the food pyramid every time you upgrade yourself. That is how your appetite increases.

The codes that will be the topic for today are all about developing the havoc of your tornado. Let’s get into these.

Roblox Tornado Simulator Codes (January 2023)

The codes down there have been checked and validated as active ones and are ready to proceed as of January 2023. Codes usually get updated now and then. You will also find new ones that will get released every month. Till then, redeem these before they get cold.

  • breeze: Cash (New)
  • Whirling: 10k Cash
  • Twister: 5k Cash

How to Redeem the codes?

Follow the simple steps below to redeem those active codes in the blink of an eye:

  • Launch Roblox Tornado Simulator.
  • Find out the Code button. It will be on the top of the screen.
  • Put in any of those codes. Hit that Enter.
  • Freshly baked items will be served in an instant.

Roblox Tornado Simulator Expired Codes

Below are the expired codes:

  • Industrial
  • NomNom
  • Whoosh

What are Roblox Tornado Simulator Codes?

The codes that we discussed earlier are the codes to provide a large sum of cash. The Devs generally release these freebie codes to encourage the gamers. To make the gamers more focused on the games. I would say this is a simple yet quite unbreakable strategy. Redeem the codes, collect the cash, and use it solely on being a better tornado than yesterday. You will get there, eventually.

How to get more codes for free?

Check the GameRiv for monthly updates. We will update our code wiki for Roblox whenever we get something fresh. Devs usually release new codes just before the next month arrives. Moreover, devs release updates for the existing ones. Or, the codes might get into the redlist—no need to worry about the big talks. Just remember us frequently. Until then, keep rampaging.

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