Top five free to play games on PC

PC gaming in late 2019 is as great as ever. There is a huge collection of free to play games on PC. Sadly not all of them deliver an experience that is fair to both paid and non-paid users. In our list we will try to highlight best free to play games that is available today. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Warframe
    Warframe is a free to play game from developer Digital Extremes who are setting a best example on how to monetize a free-to-play video game. If you are a fan of looter shooter genre of video game then this title from the Canadian developer won’t disappoint. This game is a brilliant example of a third person looter shooter game with so much content that will keep you engaged for hours to come.
Apex Legends

2. Apex Legends
Apex legends is a free to play Battle Royale game from Respawn Entertainment the makers of underrated Titanfall series. Apex legends is a great twist on the Battle Royale genre as it mixes battle royale with popular hero shooters like overwatch and team fortress 2. Now in its third season with a new map this game is a lot of fun with friends. And yes the micro transactions are all cosmetic items. It definitely deserves a chance for any first person shooter lover.

3. Paladins
If you are looking for a free to play hero shooter with some memorable characters then you might take a look at Paladins. Some gamer’s refers to it as a poor mans overwatch. Even though this game borrows some inspiration from other popular hero shooters like overwatch and team fortress 2, it tries to mix it up a little bit. And most of all its free. If you are a fan of hero shooter genre then if won’t be dissapointed by this game.

Path of Exile

4.Path of Exile
Path of exile is a great example of a top down RPG game that was released in 2013. It was released almost six years ago but it is still one of the most popular top down RPG game. This game is almost like a old vintage car at this moment. Even though some improvement is required, it is still a fun game to play.

LOL and Dota 2

5. DOTA 2/ League of Legends
Even though we said 5 games these two were inseparable. These two are two of the most popular Mobile Battle Arena games on planet earth. Both have their loyal fanbase who will defend their favorite MOBA at any cost. But at this point it is more like choose your poison. Pick any one as you choose, Just don’t let it take away your life.

For DOTA 2:

For League of Legends:

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