Top EU Players Still Haven’t Received the Promised Daredevil Skin in Fortnite

EU players who placed top 800 in the Daredevil Cup were supposed to get the Daredevil skin early for free but still haven’t received the skin.

Epic Games announced the Daredevil Cup as part of the ‘Marvel Knockout Super Series’ a few days back. It is a series of 4 tournaments played in teams of three in the Marvel Knockout LTM game mode. The daredevil cup was the first tournament in the series.

Top placing players in each region were promised the Daredevil skin early for free in Fortnite. The daredevil cup ended on October 14th. Players in all regions already got the Daredevil skin in their locker except for EU.

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Epic’s Statement:

Epic Games released a statement on Twitter regarding the issue with granting EU players the Daredevil skin.

EU players might not get the skin early:

In the announcement post for the Daredevil Cup, Epic games said that top placing players would get early access to the Fortnite Daredevil outfit. The tournament concluded on October 14th so players who secured top placements in the Daredevil cup were supposed to get at least 2 days early access to the skin.

Although players in all other regions got access to the Daredevil skin early, EU players are yet to receive the skin. According to some leaks, the Daredevil skin is set to arrive in the item shop on October 17th. Today is October 16th so that means Epic could not keep their promise of giving early access to the skin for EU players.

Top placing players from the EU region still didn’t receive the skin and Some of them took to Twitter to express their annoyance.

If EU top players get the Daredevil skin today, they might get less than 12 hours to show off the skin as it could come out tomorrow.

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