Top 5 Hardest Boss Fights in Elden Ring

Hello there! Seeking the information of which of the bosses you might find the hardest in Elden Ring? Well, scroll down already.

FromSoftware breaths in boss-battles rather than letting the players enjoy the artistic open world. By the time you feel like breathing a bit while the sun is about to set, you will feel the damned knights are breathing over your shoulder. Just when your neurons start processing what the hell is going on, you will see the red butterflies flying out of your stomach. No, not from love; you have been backstabbed.

Talking about the bosses. There are several mini-bosses throughout the game, along with Demigods. Some of them have a history of weakening over the centuries, yet, they will not be stingy while facing you in the arena. Today, I have tried to gather a list of the most damned enemies you can face in Elden Ring. Let’s jump into it already.

5. Beast Clergyman / Maliketh

maliketh bosses elden ring
Beast Clergyman

The Beast Clergyman also goes by the name Black Blade. But when he goes by the name Maliketh, you might want to think about what choices in your life led here. This is one of the unique bosses you will or have faced until now. The remarkable thing is he has several critical hit attacks that you might want to look after. Either you time it perfectly or learn each of them while being a Sekiro; shadows die many times.

Maliketh can also fly, did you know that? Well, his flying pattern cannot be similarized even with Brownian motion. Not like you can stop him from using the Death Rune. Maliketh’s attack with a dagger will slash through half of your health even though you think you have survived that. Now, develop your defensive skill before or in a mid-boss fight. Learn the openings and proceed with a greatsword.

4. Crucible Knight Ordovis

top hardest bosses elden ring
Crucible Knight Ordovis

NEXT on the list are the Duos. Well, we all know how Duos can be ruthless now and then (*Flashback of the Ape duos in Sekiro). Most veterans might even compare this battle with the one against Ornstein and Smough from the first game in the Soul franchise. Other than that, both are more or less the same; one will make you feel more challenging than the other one.

Both of them possess different patterns of attack. Just the time you figure out you have read them, the buddy of Orodovis will show you the stairways to heaven. Both of them are passively aggressive from the very beginning. How shall I clarify to you a bit more; okay, remember meeting a type of Crucible Knight when you were in Limgrave? Well, now, think of you are facing two of them.

Ashen one, this was just the beginning. Now it is time for their wings to open up. The time they start charging, dodge back and forth just to kill time. Remember Ashen one; survival is the greatest victory.

3. Starcourge Radahn

radahn bosses elden ring
Starcourge Radahn

Starscourge Radahn roams in the dessert of the Caelid Region. This absolute beast dares you to take his head from the battlefield. He is a long-range specialist while covering the whole battleground with long-range attacks most of the time. This feels like the more you are away from him, the more powerful and heavy the damages fall upon you.

If these attacks come in combo, which will happen most of the time, you will find it even hard to move around, let alone dodging those attacks. Not the least, his giant spears and a rainstorm of arrows will be an additional pain. This is the plot for the first phase of this fight.

In the second phase, you are going to expect the spells that he pulls on gravity along with continuous one-shot attacks. Here is an exciting catch for this battle. In this fight, you can summon various NPCs, from Iron Fist Alexander to Half-Wolf Blaid. They will draw Radahn’s attention to them while you find a perfect opening. Utilize it, Ashen one, as the meteoric fire is still the last thing you can expect.

2. Godfrey, The First Elden Lord

godfrey bosses elden ring
Godfrey, The First Elden Lord

Ah yes, the First Elden Lord Godfrey can be respected with the second position. Godfrey has trust issues; he will not let you see him in his true form until you can drive his ambitions to the bottom of the sea. Godfrey will play with you with his giant ax just to polish while his beloved pet Serosh spectates from his back. He will check if the ax can still handle the massive slamming and continuous blows. Oh, and do not forget about the shockwaves.

Now, Ashen One, comes the second phase. Godfrey will now sacrifice Serosh and realize that his bare hands were enough for you, and make no mistake, that is the truth. His hands dripping from the blood of Serosh will constantly look out for you just to give a good ol’ hug. You know you have to avoid that. And yes, bloody Godfrey now goes by the name Horrah Loux.

Horrah Loux is now more aggressive than ever. His shockwaves now will cover the entire area. If you are not leveled up enough, Ashen One, you might want to listen to what Akon said, “…all on the floor, smack that!” The most infuriating fact is he can leap towards you. Just like the Ogre from Sekiro, the nightmare you had the previous day. You need enough patience and need to time the attack for a good damage.

1. Malenia, Blade of Miquella

malenia hardest bosses elden ring
Malenia, Blade of Miquella

Milady Malenia is the most powerful Empyreans who likes to nap under the Haligtree. FromSoftware made her the Icon of the Elden Ring, so there must be something to get punished from her. And yes, Ashen One, Devs did not disappoint. Not only will the music in the arena attract you, but Malenia will also attract your health. All you can do is sing, “There goes the girl who owns my heart….”

Malenia is also a bit egoistic as she never heard the word “defeat.” She is known as holy but be thankful that her sword is not infused with holy damage. She likes to slash through the air continuously and will not mind if you happen to be in her front air.

In the second phase, she will start to believe that she can fly. Well, her true beauty gets bloomed by this time. Her sword is now infused with Rot damage. While Devs like to see you in pain, they programmed Malenia to steal your heart even though you are guarding it with your shield. Such a deal-breaker. You have to be on alert every time and take heed; she does not waste time.

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