Top 5 Best Spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is set in a magical world where you can use different types of spells. To complement this spell-based gameplay, there are a lot of spells you can get besides the weapons. Here are the top 5 spells that you can use in the game.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the newest title from the developers of the Borderland games. This keeps the classic Borderlands look but shakes up the gameplay. Now, you can use different kinds of spells in your arsenal of weapons.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderland changes the gameplay by adding many new and exciting spells to the mix. It has a lot of spells that enable you to choose them depending on your own playstyle. With so many new spells with a wide range of effects, it can get pretty hard to decide which would be the best.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderland has a lot of good spells. But of course, some are always going to be better than others. Also, depending on your playstyle, you may find one better than the other. That being said, here are five spells that are some of the bests in the game.

5. Quaking Sunder

Efficacious Quaking Sunder spell
Credit: 2K Games

Quaking Sunder is one of the best spells for clearing a lot of mobs. This does decent damage and spreads from enemy to enemy. There are many Sunder spells, but what you are searching for is the Quaking version of the spell.

Other normal Sunder spells don’t spread from enemy to enemy. But in the Quaking Sunder spell, whenever an enemy gets hit, it spreads another wave of the same spell. This chain reaction stops when the spell doesn’t hit anyone. So, this is an excellent aoe spell with decent damage.

4. Threads of Fate

Practiced Threads of Fate spell
Credit: 2K Games

Practiced Threads of Fate is one of the legendary spells in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and is a constant source of damage. That means, after casting the spell, it will keep damaging the enemy as long as the enemy is inside the spell.

Since it continuously does a lot of damage, it is also good at activating Blast Gas. This spell you can use for area denial or for killing larger boss enemies that will stay inside the spell.

Additional to the damage, this also gives you a -10% spell cooldown and +20% spell damage. This helps you to cast more spells and do even more damage. This spell also increases ability damage by 30% for 10 seconds after a cast.

3. Marshmallow

marshmallow of rejuvenation spell
Credit: 2K Games

The Marshmallow of Rejuvenation is one of the all-rounder fire spells that you can get in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. By all-rounder, it means this spell can do a respectable amount of damage and heal you.

The Marshmallow is a fairly simple and goofy-looking spell that embraces the fun and ridiculous side of the game. It is a legendary spell that you can get in the chaos chamber.

What it does is very simple. It shoots a Marshmallow at the enemy. The marshmallow sticks to the enemy and explodes after a certain time.

After exploding, it leaves 2 to 4 smaller marshmallows on the ground that you can pick up to heal. So it does both damage and healing. Also, it is very fun to use, which is always a plus side.

It has an alternative function too. When you cast the spell, it shoots a marshmallow. Then, the marshmallow sticks to the enemy; you can shoot at this marshmallow to make it grow in size. By doing that, when it explodes, it does a lot more damage. This is a pretty good way of using the spell if you are fighting a bigger enemy.

2. Concentrated Magic Barrage

Burgeoning Concentrated Magic Barrage spell
Credit: 2K Games

Concentrated Magic Barrage is one of the best nuke spells in the game. This spell has high single target damage, and on top of that, there is also a chance of it getting one extra projectile per cast.

This spell already does a lot of damage, but the damage almost gets doubled if you add the 2nd projectile. This is not really a spell for clearing out a large group of enemies. But if you are fighting a single big enemy or in a boss fight, Concentrated Magic Barrage can shred their health within a short time.

1. Impaling Ice Spike

Impaling Ice Spike spell
Credit: 2K Games

Impaling Ice Spike is probably the most broken spell in the game because of its quick use and damage. It has a +100% critical hit damage which doubles its damage when it crits. This has decent damage per cast.

What makes it so good is the 4 cast charge and its low cooldown. Because of these two factors, you can use them for killing groups of mobs or for the boss.

You can kill most of the enemies in the game with a single cast of this skill. The skill cast is also very fast. Your character snaps its finger, and the ice spike comes out of the ground. Thus, you can just run around and cast the spell to kill everything in the game.

In terms of boss killing, each spike does a chunk of damage to the boss. And you can cast the spell 4 times back to back. So this does huge damage to the bosses, making it an overall great spell to use at any point of the game.

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