Top 5 Best Characters in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivor is an indie title that takes the bullet hell genre and reverses it. Here, you choose a character with a starting weapon, then build him up with more weapons and passives. Here you will discuss the top 5 Characters in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors takes place in a Castlevania-inspired world. Here you face off with countless hordes of monsters. Your goal is to survive for 30 minutes. To aid you in this goal, you get to choose a new weapon or upgrade your existing one as you level up.

Aside from the weapons, you also get to choose a character when you start a level. Every character has a different passive and a starting weapon. So, some character is naturally going to be better than others.

You only start the game with a few characters. Rest of the characters, you either have to buy with gold or unlock through completing various tasks and then purchase with the currency. Here are the top 5 best characters you can use in Vampire Survivors and how to unlock them.

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5. Poe Ratcho

  • Unlock: Get Garlic to level 7
  • Cost: 800 Gold
  • Weapon: Garlic
  • Passive: Starts with -30 Max Health, & +25% Magnet

Poe is a strong character to start the game with. But his passive hurts him in the late game. His starting weapon “Garlic” is fantastic at any point in the game. But because of the powerful weapon, his passive lowers his Max HP by 30. So his HP is the lowest of any character in the game.

His other passive is 25% magnet. This helps him avoid getting too close to the enemy to pick up items. This also enables you to collect the XP gems with relative ease. So leveling up becomes a bit easier.

With some good weapons, he can really shine. But if you don’t choose your weapon correctly, he can die a lot faster because of his lowered health.

4. Poppea Pecorina

  • Unlock: Open the coffin in the Dairy Plant stage
  • Cost: 1000 Gold
  • Weapon: Song of Mana
  • Passive: Starts with 20% MoveSpeed & Gains +1% Duration every Level

Poppea Pecorina is an excellent all-around character. She starts with a good weapon and has a decent passive. Song of mana is a directional ability that shoots vertically. So, positioning is going to be key at the start. But once you get a few more weapons, she becomes a lot stronger.

Since she relies on positioning, her passive compliments that by having a 20% extra movement speed. The Duration passive is helpful for many weapons like Santa Water and King Bible. On top of that, the Song of Mana can be evolved further to make it stronger with the item “Curse.”

3. Krochi Freetto

  • Unlock: Kill 100,000 enemies
  • Cost: 500 Gold
  • Weapon: Cross
  • Passive: Starts with a Revival, revives with 50% Health, & +30% Move Speed. Gains another Revival at Level 33

Krochi is unlocked by killing 100k enemies. This may look like a lot but it isn’t too bad given how many enemies are thrown at the player, especially in the latter half of the game. He starts with a Cross. Cross is one of the better weapons for damage and knockback. So he doesn’t struggle too much in the early game.

Aside from the weapon, his passive is really strong as well. He has 30% extra movement speed. This is noticeable as soon as you start the game with him. Not to mention, he has a revival as a passive. But he revives with only 50% health.

So you will get 30% extra movement speed, an extra life, and also a good weapon. Combining everything together makes him one of the better characters in Vampire Survivors.

2. Yatta Cavallo

  • Unlock: Kill 3000 Lion Heads
  • Cost: 500 Gold
  • Weapon: Cherry Bomb
  • Passive: Gains +1 projectile amount every 20 Levels. (Max +3)

Yatta Cavallo is similar to another character called “Mortaccio.” They share the same passive, but Yatta’s weapon is better. Yatta Cavallo uses a cherry bomb as the starting weapon. It bounces off enemies and damages them. This also has a chance to explode and damage everything in its radius except the player character.

When you upgrade the cherry bomb, the explosion chance increases, making it a perfect weapon to have late game. His passive also compliments his weapon and any other projectile weapon you may pick. So, they can also affect the Cross, Axe, and any other projectiles.

The passive gives +1 projectile on every 20 levels and can go up to level 60. When he reaches level 60, you will throw 3 extra projectiles. This is a very nice passive for an overall very good character.

1. Mask Of The Red Death

  • Unlock: Defeat Death after 30 minutes
  • Cost: 1665 Gold
  • Weapon: Death Spiral
  • Passive: Starts with +100% Move Speed, 255 Max Health, & +20% Might

The Mask of The Red Death is the hardest character to unlock in Vampire Survivors. But as a reward for your hard work, you get to have this ultimate character.

To unlock him, you have to defeat Death after he shows up at 30 minutes mark. He is the strongest enemy in the game. So, this may seem hard to accomplish, but it is possible to kill him. After that, you get to buy Red Death as a character.

His starting weapon is Death Spiral. Yes, the same Death Spiral you get after evolving Axe. So, he starts with an evolved weapon. That said, if you are playing Mask of The Red Death, do not pick the Axe. You cannot evolve the Axe when playing as the Red Death since he already has an evolved version.

His passives are also pretty broken. He has a 100% extra movement speed. This makes him zoom around the map avoiding anything. He also gets +20% might and 255 max health. This is truly the perfect reward for defeating the strongest enemy of the game.

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