Top 5 Best Characters in Disgaea 6

Find out the best characters in Disgaea 6. These characters have been recognized as the best in this series till now.

After a long haul from Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, there is now an act of resistance. This act of resistance is completely built on 3D. This battle in Netherworld was first released in Japan in an exclusive right. On top of that, PlayStation will not release this in the western world. How convenient!

To talk about the best characters in Disgaea 6, there is a load of characters. Each of them carries its personality and traits. Each of them has different roles to play. In addition to that, this role tends to change in the mid-game. Getting self-aware these days, are we?

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When it comes to choosing the best ones, this gets difficult. Well, based on roles and their interactions, you can filter out some characters. That is how we played here as well. So, without delay, let’s look at what we can offer you on this fine day.

5. Overlord Ivar

ivar best characters disgaea 6

Ivar tends to proclaim now and then that he alone is the mightiest Overlord in the Netherrealm. We wouldn’t disagree, but his intelligence is what makes us think twice. His ego issue tends to pull him back. This might be another reason to think thrice.

The thing to look at in him is his reactions to various events. Say, when our main protagonist Zed comes to him with the news of God of Destruction, his overreactions and the dialogues that keep him alive to make up his name. Other than this, he also has his glorious events. But the lack of intellectuality doesn’t let him take the title “Overlord” in its true sense.

4. Majolene

The great witch of Magimage School of Magic is also the principal of it. Our Majolene is blessed with the legendary magic wand of Transformation. Though she looks young, she is 10000 years old. However, she turns into a beautiful lady, thanks to her spell. You should watch how her company reacts to her transformation—got to say, one of the best reactions you will find in the whole game.

Her stubbornness tends to bring out the best in her disciples. Besides that, her humor level grows a bit after her transformation. You should look forward to it. Well, not that I got likings into her or anything.

3. Bieko

bieko best characters disgaea 6

Our future doctor Bieko is the little sister of our main protagonist Zed. A matter of relief is that she is the complete opposite of her brother in nature. True fact, sisters like Bieko tend to be annoying and clingy. But, Bieko is the exception here. Her role is actually to make you feel comforted in the game. On top of that, you might not expect what happens to her later in life.

Well, let’s not talk about that at the moment. Other than how she turned out to be the worst nightmare of Zed. I am talking a lot. Let’s get the next character.

2. Zed

Time to meet the main protagonist, Zed. Losing to God of Destruction provoked him to open his dark side. Now, he again searches for the God of Destruction in the Netherland, hoping for a rematch, over and over again.

As the portal of his dark side got opened, he got trashy. Well, I cannot disagree, but some of his dialogues might be one of the best in the whole game. Who doesn’t like trash talk these days? Well, leave it at that. Zed’s interactions with others cannot be boring time. To be noted, he remains trashy till the end.

1. Piyori Nijino

piyori best characters disgaea 6

Piyori Nijino holds the top spot representing another pop-culture item, the Power Rangers or Super Sentai, to the Japanese. On top of that, Japanese people also love to call them Prism Ranger in the act of love. She is one of the few examples in the game to be seen as what seems to fall at the bottom over and over.

As Zed continuously provokes her, she tends to lose her trail. Thus, Zed can easily corrupt her. With her keen sense of justice, she does wake up from this vicious dream. And that is how our Power Ranger develops her character over time. Along with comedic dialogues and other interactions, she is a fun one; I will give you that.

These are the top 5 best characters you will find in Disgaea 6.

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