Top 100 Board Games 2019 Edition

Top 100 board games that you should play in 2019.

All the rating are based on r/boardgames/ subreddit ranking and BGG based raking for 2019 October Edition.

RankGameSub Rating+/-# RatingsBGG RatingBGG RankBGG Weight
1Gloomhaven (2017)8.61413318.86813.8
2Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (2015)8.47919198.62822.832
3Brass: Birmingham (2018)8.275098.61483.894
4Spirit Island (2017)8.23510278.335143.923
5Food Chain Magnate (2015)8.229▲19148.186284.191
6Concordia (2013)8.218▼115888.105183.065
7Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition) (2017)8.1974788.69174.203
8Twilight Struggle (2005)8.16417148.31953.572
9Gaia Project (2017)8.1385858.52194.294
10Great Western Trail (2016)8.10811048.29113.691
11War of the Ring (Second Edition) (2012)8.0874638.441124.068
12Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (2015)8.0597588.50944.383
13The Castles of Burgundy (2011)8.02524978.127153.002
14Terra Mystica (2012)8.01518518.178133.953
15A Feast for Odin (2016)8.0088048.179243.825
16Terraforming Mars (2016)7.99518098.41233.227
17Star Wars: Rebellion (2016)7.9857908.4363.697
18Keyflower (2012)7.92813507.84503.341
19Brass: Lancashire (2007)7.88▲26988.14193.868
20Scythe (2016)7.879▼120468.269103.375
21Viticulture Essential Edition (2015)7.879▼112188.123202.932
22Arkham Horror: The Card Game (2016)7.8678758.204213.324
23Orléans (2014)7.8619378.081263.065
247 Wonders Duel (2015)7.85919978.113172.222
25Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 (2017)7.8484908.221323.241
26Agricola (2007)7.83924797.978273.637
27Mage Knight Board Game (2011)7.83813118.101234.279
28Root (2018)7.8267718.086393.546
29Caverna: The Cave Farmers (2013)7.80513598.052253.786
30Mechs vs. Minions (2016)7.7927698.105342.425
31Race for the Galaxy (2007)7.791▲122957.762492.975
32Kingdom Death: Monster (2015)7.788▲12768.749334.217
33Android: Netrunner (2012)7.787▼218207.887463.376
34Eclipse (2011)7.77613847.929403.693
35Fields of Arle (2014)7.756▲23358.117523.89
36Clans of Caledonia (2017)7.754▼15328.035453.432
37Azul (2017)7.75▼115917.887411.793
38Le Havre (2008)7.74910627.885423.751
39Crokinole (1876)7.737▲45897.822721.265
40Lisboa (2017)7.7353278.184694.534
41Codenames (2015)7.728▼231907.681641.307
42Roll for the Galaxy (2014)7.72▼116287.711702.772
43Pax Pamir (Second Edition) (2019)7.717▲41598.4294293.708
44Power Grid (2004)7.71623527.883353.276
45Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar (2012)7.714▼313767.92383.654
46Dominant Species (2010)7.695▼19547.851514.037
47Blood Rage (2015)7.684▼113208.013302.88
48The Gallerist (2015)7.6835298.022564.268
49Patchwork (2014)7.67820717.695651.665
50Puerto Rico (with two expansions) (2011)7.672▲21598.494NA3.279
51Inis (2016)7.6717557.7951042.883
52Star Wars: Imperial Assault (2014)7.667▼28428.055373.295
53The Voyages of Marco Polo (2015)7.6597817.934433.194
54Indonesia (2005)7.656▲12177.8551973.998
55Kemet (2012)7.646▲19757.735862.997
56The 7th Continent (2017)7.644▼25018.405162.85
57The Great Zimbabwe (2012)7.6432467.7763133.692
58Vinhos Deluxe Edition (2016)7.6262228.2331244.059
59Yokohama (2016)7.6164497.901893.299
60Pandemic: Iberia (2016)7.6164317.956872.596
61Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) (2005)7.611▲28107.86574.249
62Troyes (2010)7.61▼17597.766673.453
63El Grande (1995)7.605▼17267.769603.065
64Glory to Rome (2005)7.5946647.4851752.933
65Ticket to Ride: 10th Anniversary (2014)7.5912638.283NA1.917
66Tigris & Euphrates (1997)7.5869727.704743.526
67Five Tribes (2014)7.5816797.772552.875
68The Resistance: Avalon (2012)7.57417417.611051.78
691830: Railways & Robber Barons (1986)7.573▲101847.8661744.154
70Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian Quadrant (2017)7.572627.8075403.697
71Mansions of Madness: Second Edition (2016)7.57▼27138.131292.668
72Forbidden Stars (2015)7.566▲13607.972913.809
73Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases (1981)7.565▼29997.789682.705
74Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition (2012)7.563▲12468.201NA2.814
75Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (2012)7.556▼112487.889443.758
76Hansa Teutonica (2009)7.555▼45267.6421213.126
77Aeon’s End: War Eternal (2017)7.552▼11478.4852052.895
78Cosmic Encounter (2008)7.551▼118897.5461282.571
79Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game (2008)7.55▼115727.74663.236
807 Wonders (2010)7.53735117.772482.338
81Dominion: Intrigue (2009)7.53414457.736622.434
82Wingspan (2019)7.523▲17658.088312.377
83Istanbul (2014)7.521▼111527.5981012.596
84Aeon’s End (2016)7.509▲53868.059752.805
85Millennium Blades (2016)7.508▲33537.7752923.635
86Teotihuacan: City of Gods (2018)7.508▼13947.967773.73
87BattleCON: Devastation of Indines (2013)7.506▼32597.9792733.075
88Decrypto (2018)7.505▼14077.8161191.827
89Codenames: Duet (2017)7.499▼35947.6691271.288
90Tichu (1991)7.4895807.5841462.341
91Grand Austria Hotel (2015)7.4885457.786933.231
92Captain Sonar (2016)7.4829597.6151292.126
93Ora et Labora (2011)7.477▲23867.7121103.904
94Antiquity (2004)7.476▲22187.9072014.31
95Suburbia (2012)7.474▼114857.5521142.774
96Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan (2011)7.473▲22158.061422.761
97Mombasa (2015)7.4724127.916633.903
98Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (2012)7.462▲111587.736832.482
99Anachrony (2017)7.4624268.125473.967
100Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin (2016)7.463507.6361842.578

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Total Ratings Crunched:655,261
New Games:Anachrony (2017)
Biggest Gainer:1830: Railways & Robber Barons (1986) (+10)
Biggest Loser:Hansa Teutonica (2009) (-4)
Fell Off:Hive Pocket (2010)


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