Top 10 YouTubers with The Most Earnings in 2021

Here are the top 10 YouTubers with the most earnings in the year 2021 according to Forbes.

YouTubers are people who make videos on the platform YouTube. In recent years the appeal of YouTube has gone up by a lot. Some YouTubers are even earning in the millions. YouTubers like MrBeast, JakePaul, Markipliers have taken the top spots in the list of YouTubers who earned the most money the past year.

Forbes recently published an article with a list of the top 10 YouTubers with the most earnings in 2021. The list is as follows-

  1. MrBeast
  2. JakePaul
  3. Markiplier
  4. Good Mythical Morning
  5. Unspekable Gaming
  6. Like Nastya
  7. Ryan’s World
  8. Dude Perfect
  9. Logan Paul
  10. Preston

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It’s no surprise that MrBeast is at the top spot with close to $54 Million earned. On average his videos reach 40-50 Million views easily. Mr. Beast’s subscriber count is currently more than 88 no doubt played a large part in his success.

Jake Paul is the 2nd one on the list. According to Forbes, Jake made the list this year thanks to his three high-profile boxing matches earning him $48 Million. Markiplier made it to the third in the list with earnings close to $38 Million.

Rhett and Link from ‘Good Mythical Morning’ talk show youtube channel is 4th on the list. Their earnings total approximately $30 Million in 2021. Number 5th on the list is the Minecraft YouTuber Unspeakable Gaming with his multiple YouTube channel each with millions of subscribers and close to $28.5 Million in earnings.

Number 6th and 7th on Forbes list of top 10 YouTubers with the most earnings this year are two kid channels. They are Nastya and Ryan with 85 Million subscribers and 31.3 Million subscribers respectively. Their earning are also close to $28 Million and $27 Million.

The trick-shotting YouTube channel Dude Perfect is on the 8th spot on Forbes list and made $20 Million last year. The elder of the paul brothers, Logan Paul is number 9 on the list of top-earning YouTubers. He made $18 Million in the year 2021.

Lastly, we have another Minecraft YouTuber Preston. His earnings went down to about $16 Million this year but he is still one of the top-earning YouTubers.

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