Top 10 Best Weapons in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an indie game that has risen in popularity recently. Its addicting gameplay and variety of weapons have made the game stand out. You will find a lot of weapons to use in this game. Here are 10 of the weapons that we found best.

Vampire Survivor is the latest indie hit from the developers “Poncle.” Here, you face an endless wave of enemies. To aid you with that, as the game progresses, you can collect the gems dropped by the enemies to level yourself up.

For each level, you get to choose a new weapon or a new passive. If you don’t need a new weapon, you can upgrade your weapon. Vampire Survivor gives you a lot of weapons to play with. The chances of getting a weapon you want are random. This forces the players to adapt to what they get.

That said, not all weapons are created equal. Some are obviously stronger than others. Some weapons can be evolved by having a certain passive item. So, here are 10 best weapons that you can find in the game with how to evolve them.

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10. Whip

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Hollow Heart & Level 8 WhipBloody Tear

The whip is a very basic weapon. The first character of the game starts with the whip. But that doesn’t mean it is not strong. It starts off being a bit underwhelming, but it gets stronger as you upgrade the weapon.

It needs Hollow Heart to evolve. After it is evolved, it becomes Bloody Tear. This version of the weapon has a lifesteal feature. Moreover, it hits hard and also heals you if your hp is not maxed.

9. Santa Water

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Attractorb & Level 8 Santa WaterLa Borra

Like many other weapons in Vampire Survivors, Santa Water also feels like a bad weapon at the beginning. What this weapon does is, toss a bottle of water occasionally, which damages any enemy as long as they are in the water.

It may seem not good at first, but upgrading it will toss more water more frequently. So this becomes a lot better as you upgrade it.

You’ll need Attractorb to evolve it. Attractorb attracts the XP gems and items from the ground. This way, you don’t have to get on top of the item to get it.

After evolving the weapon, the waters are dropped in a circular fashion around your character. After dropping, the water moves closer to you. This way, enemies that are closer to you will get hit. So this is an excellent arena denial option to have.

8. Cherry Bomb

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon

The cherry bomb is a non-evolvable weapon in Vampire Survivors. To unlock it, you have to buy the “Yatta Cavallo” character, the starting weapon of Yatta Cavallo.

This weapon bounces around and has a chance to explode and damage every enemy around it. It is an okay weapon to start with but gets infinitely better with upgrades.

At max level, most of the bombs will explode, making the enemies hard to even approach you. When you get surrounded by enemies, the cherry bomb will bounce around and explode to kill most of the enemies around you. So this is one of the better weapons to have.

7. Magic Wand

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Empty Tome & Level 8 Magic WandHoly Wand

Magic Wand is one of the weapons that are good no matter what level the weapon is at. At the starting levels, it fires a humming projectile that usually hits at least one enemy. With upgrades, it gets better. It fires more projectile and also fires more frequently.

Magic Wand needs Empty Tome to evolve. After evolution, it becomes a directional ability and fires constantly until your character dies. Not to mention, the damage of it is also very good. This makes it one of the best weapons for controlling where you want to fire.

6. Axe

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Candelabrador & Level 8 AxeDeath Spiral

Axe is one of the better weapons in Vampire Survivors. At lower levels, the Axe is thrown at an arc. It does decent damage and also phases through enemies to hit multiple targets. With upgrades, the number of axes that are thrown increases and phases through more enemies.

Axe needs the “Candelabrador” item to evolve. The evolved version is called Death Spiral, where the weapon really shines. This shoots an array of scythes in a circular pattern. Moreover, this does a lot of damage and hits a lot of enemies with a small knockback effect.

5. Fire Wand

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Spinach & Level 8 Fire WandHellfire

Fire Wand is an excellent heavy damage weapon. This works similarly to Magic Wand, but it shoots fireballs instead of magic. At lower levels, this weapon is still useful.

It doesn’t fire as frequently as Magic Wand and doesn’t hit multiple enemies. But it does a lot of damage to a single enemy, making it worth getting. This single-target damage makes the Fire Wand perfect to kill the stronger enemies.

In the evolved mode, this shoots a lot more fireballs more frequently. The amount of fireball can easily mow down any big enemy. This makes the weapon great for late and early games to defeat stronger enemies.

4. Lightning Ring

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Duplicator & Level 8 Lightning RingThunder Loop

Lightning Ring starts off as a moderate damaging weapon. It shoots lightning occasionally at the starting levels. As the level increases, the lightning becomes more frequent, and more lightning is shot at once. To evolve this weapon, you will need a Duplicator.

Duplicator is one of the best passive items you can get in Vampire Survivors. It doubles all the projectile weapons you are using. So it also increases the number of lightning that is shot at once. On top of that, after it is fully evolved, the thunder strikes can kill a lot of enemies at once.

3. Cross

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Clover & Level 8 CrossHeaven Sword

Cross is one of the best weapons for its knockback effect. This weapon acts like a boomerang. It shoots out a “cross” that deals damage to everyone in its path. Then it also comes back to you, damaging everyone.

It does decent damage and knocks back all the enemies it hits if it doesn’t kill them. But the cross becomes a beast of a weapon in the evolved state.

In its evolved state, it shoots outs two lightsabers looking swords like a boomerang. They deal a lot of damage in their path and cover a lot of areas. The area covered in this weapon is one of the best.

2. King Bible

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Spellbinder & Level 8 King BibleUnholy Vespers

It is not an overstatement to say King Bible is the best knockback effect weapon in the game. But of course, knock-back alone doesn’t make a weapon good. It also has a good amount of damage. At the start, it summons one Bible that circles around the character and hits anyone in its orbit.

It is not bad but not too good either. However, as you upgrade the King Bible, it starts summoning more books, increases the damage, and summons more frequently. While the Bible is active, if enemies get hit by the book, they get knocked back. So enemies cant come close when the Bible is active.

When the book is fully evolved, it always orbits the character. This makes the enemies take damage and get knocked back whenever they try to come close.

1. Garlic

Evolve RequirementEvolved Weapon
Pummarola & Level 8 GarlicSoul Eater

Garlic is one of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors, no matter what level it is at. At level 1, it creates a damaging zone around the character that is always active. In the early game, you can just walk through the enemies, and they will die.

As you upgrade the Garlic, it gets more area and damage. As a result, you can deal more damage from farther away. This weapon is so powerful that it makes the game a bit easier.

If always damaging zone is not enough, at evolved version, it also gains lifesteal. The lifesteal is not that much, but it helps with survivability if you get hit once or twice.

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