Top 10 Best Traits In Rogue Legacy 2

Here is a complete tier list of all the best Triats in Rogue Legacy 2.

Rogue Legacy 2 is now out on all consoles for gamers to enjoy. Although the game is still not out entirely, you can do all sorts of things in the game. The game gets continuous updates, so it will soon be in its perfect form.

Moreover, Rogue legacy 2 offers a lot of character customization for its fans. One of the essential aspects of character customization is traits. It is vital to know which Trait you should go with, so below, we have made a list of the best 10 Traits of all the Traits in Rogue Legacy 2.

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10 Best Traits in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy lets you choose your characters and the traits they have. These traits can be good and bad depending on the one you decide to attain. There are a total of 56 traits that can give you an affinity, like giving you more gold or more health. However, not all traits from the 56 are worth using or keeping. So below, we have added the complete breakdown of the 10 best Traits in Rogue Legacy 2.

10. Spelunker

Spelunker Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

Spelunker is an excellent trait for everyone who likes to search every corner of a game to find all the treasures. It is undoubtedly one of the best Traits in Rogue Legacy 2, allowing you to gather all the loot. Spelunker will enable you to see all the treasure locations on the map. The only disadvantage of Spelunker is that it gives you -20% Health, which is less than what it offers.

9. Clownanthropy

Clownanthropy Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

Although it has a creepy name, this trait is advantageous in the game if you manage to use it well. Clownanthropy will allow you to bounce off surfaces, meaning you will not need anything to climb onto surfaces. Moreover, it will also let you kick off any traps or objects. Like all Traits having a disadvantage, Clownanthropy will -30% your character’s health in return.

8. Compulsive Hoarder

Compulsive Hoarder Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

Pairing your character with the best weapons and traits is very important in Rogue Legacy 2. In fact, the compulsive hoarder is just a prime example for that very reason. This trait will let you use the ability of almost any trait twice.

For example, Hyperion Ring enables you to revive once, so due to Compulsive Hoarder, it will revive you twice. This trait can be compelling if you pair it with a good relic and certainly gives an edge when playing the game.

7. Disattuned

Disattuned Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

Coming to Disattuned is another excellent trait to use in the game. This trait will allow you to be only damaged when you get hit in the heart. In conclusion, shrinking your hitbox will help you avoid straps and projectiles.

However, it does remove 25% of your health, but it’s worth it since it will help you avoid a lot of od damage in comparison. If you use it well, this trait could be the difference between you and the enemies in the game.

6. FMF Fan

FMF Fan Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

It may not sound like much, but the FMF fan trait can be beneficial in the game. In every trait in the game, you will have to give something up to receive something.

Although you use the FMF Fan trait, you will get +25% Gold as a bonus with no disadvantages. This trait is a reference to another game made by Cellar Door Games, and as a result, they will allow players to use it and farm as much as gold they like.

5. Gigantism

Gigantism Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

If lowering your hitbox is not something you like, you can always become bigger inside Rogue Legacy 2 using the Gigantism Trait. The Trait also increases your hitbox, which you will have to watch out for in the game.

Gigantism also does increase your weapon size, meaning you can cover a larger area with your weapons when attacking. Moreover, you will also get +25% Gold when using this Trait, making it certainly one of the best traits in the game.

4. OCD/ Breaker

OCD/ Breaker Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

If you are someone who is going to take the Mage or Astromancer class, this trait is perfect for you. You will be able to restore your Mana, using this trait easily, and cast spells doing lots of damage to all enemies around.

OCD will allow you to restore Mana every time you crush or break something. It means you will regain your Mana in no time this way. Having a mage class with this trait could be very powerful, letting you perform spells almost instantly by breaking something around.

3. Combative

Combative Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

Moving on to the top three Traits, Combative does offer a great exchange of damage over health. Your weapons will do 50% more damage using this trait. However, your character will have 30% less health. Even though it sounds like a bad exchange, if you pair it up with an item that increases your defense, the lost health won’t matter.

Moreover, you can also use different relics to boost your total health to compensate for it and improve it. Combative will give a combat edge in all situations, so keeping it in your arsenal is undoubtedly necessary.

2. Emotional Dysregularity

Emotional Dysregularity Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

In Rogue Legacy 2, traits don’t only match up with weapons but classes too. Emotional Dysregularity increases the cost by 100% but does +100% damage. So pairing this trait with a mage or Astromancer class, you would be able to melt enemies with your spells in one go.

Although the setback is it does cost a lot of mana, you can also equip the Cosmic Insight relic to gain mana when you get hit. This way, you will never be out of mana and do massive amounts of damage to your enemies. If paired up with the right kind of items, this Trait can be one of the best.

1. Crippling Intellect

Crippling Intellect Rogue Legacy 2
Credit- Cellar Door Games

Mana is crucial for almost every character. Spells can be handy inside the game, and if you have a mage or Astromancer class, Crippling Intellect will allow you to increase your over Mana over time after using it up.

It will cost you 50% of your Health and Weapon damage, but the Mana Regeneration is undoubtedly worth it if offered. Taking a class that has more health than others and picking up this Trait can surely give you an advantage.

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