Top 10 Best Maps For Killers in Dead By Daylight 2022

Want to find out which maps in Dead By Daylight favor the Killer side? Check out our top picks for the top 10 best Maps for Killers playing DBD in 2022.

Six years ago, Behaviour Interactive brought us Dead By Daylight, which is a Survival Horror game that has entirely revamped what multiplayer games should look like. In DBD, you can either take charge as the Killer who terrorizes innocent captives on the trial grounds to sacrifice them or team up with your friends as Survivors who have to work together in order to escape from the grasp of the Killer.

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With that being said, the layout of the map itself can give you an upper hand when playing as either the Killer or the Survivor. Since its release in 2016, Dead By Daylight has introduced over 30 maps in its lineup through various updates and DLC campaigns. In this guide, we will be focusing on the maps that are best for Killers in Dead by Daylight as of 2022, ranking our top 10 picks from worst to best.

10. Gideon Meat Plant – The Game

10. Gideon Meat Plant - The Game
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Starting off, we have The Game, which is the only map in the Realm of Gideon Meat Plant. This map is Killer-sided for a number of reasons. Firstly, this map is on the smaller side. So the player will not have to go through the trouble of running around to cover large ground, making it very easy to control and coordinate. You will have an easier time catching up to Survivors.

Secondly, this map has fewer Pallets than other maps, which means, Survivors will not be able to drop many Pallets on you. Furthermore, the map is two-floored, with the second floor being spacious enough to initiate chases as well as leaving Survivors with fewer places to hide. Lastly, trapping and hooking Survivors in the Basement becomes a piece of cake as Survivors frantically seek refuge there.

9. Silent Hill – Midwich Elementary School

9. Silent Hill - Midwich Elementary School
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Next up, we have Midwich Elementary School from the famous Silent Hill franchise. It is also the only map present in the Silent Hill Realm. Not to mention, it is by far the smallest map in the game! This map consists of closed-off classrooms and long hallways, with tiles shifting ever so slightly. The generators mostly always spawn inside classrooms, so it is very easy for Killers to ambush Survivors when they work on the generators.

Moreover, the long, straight corridors without many obstructions easily enable the Killers to catch up to the Survivors. Furthermore, the Courtyard can be accessed through multiple entrances, so you don’t need to worry too much about traps and will almost always have the upper hand in the trial.

8. Léry’s Memorial Institute – Treatment Theatre

8. Léry's Memorial Institute - Treatment Theatre
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Then we have the Treatment Theatre, which is the only map present in the Realm of Léry’s Memorial Institute. This is an entirely indoor map, with lots of hidden generators – making them very tricky for Survivors to locate and open the exit gates.

This map is generally entirely Killer-sided as the tight areas and hallways and generators hidden in a maze-like structure give Killers an upper hand in the trial over the Survivors. With that being said, this map is especially great for stealthy Killers as it makes stalking Survivors very easy.

7. Coldwind Farm – Rotten Fields

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Rotten Fields is one of the five maps present in the Realm of Coldwind Farm. This map is unique in the sense that it has no core structure. Instead, it is an open map that may seem bland at first glance. Although one would say that the corn gives Survivors an edge over Killers by providing cover, it is important to note that the lack of unique structure takes away places for Survivors to hide in.

Not to mention, the map being well-lit gives easy vision for the Killers to spot the Survivors easily. Chases are easier to initiate as there are no obstructions. Killers using chainsaws especially get the upper hand in this map due to the lack of interference in the way.

6. Crotus Prenn Asylum – Father Campbell’s Chapel

6. Crotus Prenn Asylum - Father Campbell's Chapel
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Aside from the Disturbed Ward, Father Campbell’s Chapel is the only other map in the Realm of Crotus Prenn Asylum. This map used to be a pretty balanced one, but with the addition of a lot more breakable wall, this map has shifted more towards the favor of the Killer.

The central structure of the map is the Chapel, which becomes hard for Survivors to loop in with the breaking of a few walls. Moreover, the map is pretty consistent in its spawning placement of generators, so it makes locating Survivors quite easy. Moreover, the map is slightly smaller than average, making it easy for Killers to control and coordinate.

5. Coldwind Farm – Rancid Abattoir

5. Coldwind Farm - Rancid Abattoir
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Apart from being the smallest of the five maps present in Coldwind Farm, this is also the most Killer-friendly map from the Realm. The biggest obstacle from the Coldwind Farm maps is essentially the corn, something that this map has much less in comparison. Not to mention the small map means the Killer has less ground to cover, and generators are easier to monitor.

Almost half of the map does not have corn for Survivors to hide and move around in – making it much less obstructive than the other four maps in the Realm. The central structure of this map is the Abattoir, but you will also find plenty of tight spaces to ambush the Survivors. Also, this map is not multi-leveled, giving you the benefit of covering a single floor.

4. Autohaven Wreckers – Wrecker’s Yard

4. Autohaven Wreckers - Wrecker’s Yard
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Wrecker’s Yard is the smallest of the five maps present in the Realm of Autohaven Wreckers. This map has no core structure and is the most Killer-sided map from the Realm due to its small size, and this makes it easier for Killer to patrol the generators.

Moreover, this is an open map with little to no obstructions in the way, making it easier to avoid loops, catch up to the Survivors, and land successful hits. Furthermore, the Killer shack always spawns at the center of the map.

3. Springwood – Badham Preschool IV

3. Springwood - Badham Preschool IV
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Being the smallest of the five maps in Springwood Realm, Badham Preschool IV gives Killers the ease of not having to patrol a large area. The Kindergarten has multiple entrances, so you don’t have to worry about traps, and despite having loopable structures, you can still catch up to the Survivors easily, thanks to tight spaces.

2. The MacMillan Estate – Coal Tower

2. The MacMillan Estate - Coal Tower
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Coal Tower is one of the five maps present in the Realm of The McMillan Estate. In addition to being the smallest map from the Realm, Coal Tower also happens to be the overall second smallest map in Dead by Daylight. In addition to being small in size, it is also a single-level map.

This makes it very easy to patrol the generators as the Killer. The log pile cuts the map into two parts, separating the main building from the open area and the shack. And the distance between the two structures is also considerably large, making loops harder to chain, if not entirely impossible. Moreover, given the nighttime and low-light setting, Killers can set up undetectable traps for the Survivors.

1. Grave of Glenvale – Dead Dawg Saloon

1. Dead Dawg Saloon
Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Grave of Glenvale Realm has only one map, and it is the Dead Dawg Saloon. Dead Dawg Saloon is the best map for Killers as it is a considerably small map with generators placed in close proximity of one another. This makes patrolling the generators incredibly easy for the Killer.

Not only that, the generators mostly always spawn in the same locations – on the second floor, and outside the main structure. So if you are familiar with the map, locating Survivors will be a piece of cake for you.

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