Too many hit registration issues are ruining Apex Legends season 5 launch

Hit Registration is a mess right now

Apex Legends just launched their new season 5 with a revamped Kings Canyon, a new character Loba, and some most requested balancing changes.

Most of the balancing changes have been received somewhat positively expect pathfinder mains. Amid all the positivity, hit registration issues are currently driving the community mad. Right after players updated to season 5, hit registration issues have skyrocketed. Hit reg issues have been there from the beginning of Apex but right now it has become quite an eyesore.

Losing one versus one in a firefight just because your shots didn’t register isn’t a good feeling. Almost all the major FPS titles suffer from bad hit registration. On the other hand with the new update, it became unbearable for many players.

Will Apex servers ever go back to normal?

Respawn hasn’t made any comment on the matter as of yet. Server issues are what cause the community to lose its mind. Even after all the positive changes that Respawn made this season, the server, on the other hand, is ruining the game right now and it needs more attention. Having said that, Respawn did listen to the community and added the much-requested “reconnect” feature. Contrary to popular belief, Respawn does listen.

Some of the problems that are server related are not as easy to fix as most players think. At the end of the day, Respawn should give Apex servers more attention. Server issues are kind of messing up such a good experience for many players. Hopefully, Respawn can address some of them soon.

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