Tomb Raider Collection rumored to release in August

Tomb Raider Collection, the ultimate franchise bundle rumored to release for multiple platforms.

Among many leaks and rumors are buzzing the community, another rumor is upon us. This time it is, apparently, an ultimate bundle of the Tomb Raider franchise. An unknown source shared an image that reads, ” Tomb Raider The Ultimate Experience” and  “Relive Lara’s Greatest Adventures In One Ultimate Package.”

Hence, seems as if this will be one big collection of all the games. The older ones and the reboot trilogy. Additionally, the promo shows a release date of August 27. It also shows that Tomb Raider Collection is coming to Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and also Stadia.

The poster shows Lara Croft across many generations of Tomb Raider games, the 3rd being Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The latest entry. So, it is evident that the collection will feature a huge number of titles. Although, there is no official word on how many games it will feature.

Furthermore, Square Enix recently renewed a trademark for  “T.R.U.E. Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience”. All the puzzles conveniently fit. Square Enix also announced that they will be announcing quite a few games in the future between; July and August.

All things considered, this feels like a timely leak and a very pleasant one at that. If this is true, gamers will get to experience the complete evolution and revolution of the legendary Tomb Raider Franchise.

Not to mention, this will be the first time, Switch players will get to enjoy the adventures of Lara Croft.

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