Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Remake leaked online

Tomb Raider’s 10th anniversary Remake got leaked online and is now available for download.

Here is some exciting and odd news your way, the canceled version of Tomb Raider is available for download. One of the most fan-favorite games of all time is the Tomb Raider series. The female Indiana Jones has always made its mark on the gaming industry. This leaked online version of the game was in development till 2006, but we never saw the finished game.

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Although Core design was working on this game in 2005-2006 and ultimately canceled it. It was going to be the Official Remake of the 1st Tomb Raider to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The unforgotten game of the first decade of the 2000s is now available for download for everyone to play.

This game was supposed to come out for PSP, although it did not make it to the end. It was uploaded on Internet Archive by an enthusiast fan of Tomb Raider who furthermore, concluded himself as a “huge gamer and Tomb Raider fanatic.”

This build has no enemies since it is a canceled version of the game, saying that you can still explore the beautiful maps of Peru, Greece, and Croft Manor. You need to run through some minor hoops to download and play this game, but if you are a Tomb Raider Fanatic it is worth it.

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