‘Toei Animation’ Copyrights over 150 Anime Reviews of YouTuber “Totally Not Mark” in a Single Day

YouTuber “Totally Not Mark” recently woke up to over 150 videos on his channel getting copyrighted by Toei Animation.

Mark Fitzpatrick or more commonly known online as “Totally Not Mark” has a YouTube channel with the same name. Most people know the channel for its anime analysis and review videos. Some of the popular videos on the channel are Anatomy of Anime, Hot Takes, and 100% blind reviews.

Recently, Mark woke up and found more than 150 videos on his channel Copyright claimed by Toei Animation. Toei Animation is a Japanese Anime studio famous for making popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Sailor Moon, and many more.

Mark recently made a Twitter post venting his frustration at YouTube and Toei Animation for copyighting years of work from his YouTube channel.

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Mark also published an 8 minute video explaining the problems with the YouTube Content ID system. We have seen time and time again that the YouTube content ID system gives full power to the party that copyrights a video the defendant doesnt have much to work with.

According to Mark, all the videos on his channel fall under the Fair Use Policy. Mark also talks about the current YouTube system taking a long time to resolve copyright issues. According to some rough calculations, Mark estimates that it would take him more than 37 years to appeal to all 150 claimed videos.

Watch the video to get full idea on this topic and hear Mark’s side of the story.

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